5 Most stunning roads you ever walked

  • Beautiful roads in the world

    A journey is not just about reaching the destination but is as much about the journey made. This journey, when takes place along a road that is adorned amply and naturally, those moments, however fleeting are they, become a pleasure to senses. After experiencing the journey, one's mind becomes simply incapable of forgetting the moments thus lived.

    Here are few such roads that promise to present a prepossessing sight to the passers-by. Take a look at these pictures below and remember, you are just a flight away from your chance to behold the spellbinding beauty yourself.

    1. Lombard Street in San Francisco

    Lombard Street in San Francisco

    2. Bonn in Germany

    Bonn in Germany

    3. Chefchaouen in Morocco

    Chefchaouen in Morocco

    4. Spello in Italy

    Spello in Italy

    5. Paris in France

    Paris in France

    Author : Satarupa Hajra