5 Amazing villages that you will never want to leave

  • Beautiful places

    Villages, as have always been coloured by the painting brushes of a painter beautifully and with ample care, can be truly soothing to the eyes. In fact village beauty is such that you might just want to disappear there eternally and never come back to the jarring city life.

    Here are some pictures taken of such incredibly beautiful villages that perhaps are still pretty much unknown to the people in general. Take a look at them and find out your favourite one to book a flight ticket to reach there.

    1. Hallstatt, Austria

    Hallstatt, Austria

    2. Alberobello, Italy

    Alberobello, Italy

    3. Bibury, United Kingdom

    Bibury, United Kingdom

    4. Reine, Norway

    Reine, Norway

    5. Shirakawa-go, Japan

    Shirakawa-go, Japan

    Author : Satarupa Hajra