Namesakes of five Indian Cities that you never knew existed

  • Namesake of Indian States

    Did you know that there are namesakes of Indian cities outside India? Believe it or not, there are; and in fact, there are suchlike examples aplenty. The fact is strange and interesting as well.

    So would you not like to visit at least one of these places, the twin sister of your state? Make it a point to holiday next time in one of these places to live an experience that will leave a strange and unmatched feeling within you.

    1. Calcutta (India) & Calcutta (USA)

    United States of America

    Calcutta, as we all know, is the capital city of West Bengal and the quondam capital of British India. But do you know that there is also a place with the similar name in United States of America. Yes, there is! Situated in Ohio, this ‘Calcutta’ is home to a minuscule populace of approximately 3,742 as per the latest Census conducted in 2010. Formerly bearing multiple names from at different times, the place was eventually renamed as "Calcutta", after the Indian city of Calcutta (now Kolkata).

    2. Kochi (Kerala) & Kochi (Japan)


    Written as ‘Kōchi’, this namesake of the beautiful place in Kerala, is the capital city of the Kōchi Prefecture in Japan. Perhaps you have heard of the notable dish named Katsuo Tataki - it is an appetizing preparation with Tuna.

    3. Thane (Maharashtra) & Thane (Australia)


    In Queensland, on the Thanes Creek, is located the beautiful place of Thane. It is situated at an altitude of 470m. This is a beautiful place in Queensland that you must explore on your next trip to Australia.

    4. Patna (Bihar) & Patna (Scotland)


    Do not be surprised if you ever come across a Scot speaking about ‘Patna’ - there is a good chance she is not speaking about India. Patna is the name of a picturesque village in Scotland. The genesis of the name traces back to the stories of the founding father of this place named William Fullarton. His father was an employee of the British East India Company and it is his knowledge of the city of Patna in India that lent itself to christening this place.

    Hyderabad (Telangana) & Hyderabad (Pakistan)


    Yes this is true! A district in Sindh in Pakistan, this is a namesake of the Indian city of Hyderabad. Today the place is mostly inhabited by the descendants of the Muslim community which migrated from India to Pakistan on account of the Partition of India.