Niagara Falls just had a makeover

  • Niagara Falls

    Every passing reference of the Niagara Falls calls forth to the mind an animation that is otherworldly and overwhelming; an animation of clamorously voluminous and plummeting waters, intending to join the rest that is lying and flowing in the great indecipherable chasm of dark. But this is a very summery scene. Oh yes, for the warming zephyr sets the tone of the scene.

    But with the onset of the glacial winter, an icing agency, the entire stretch begins to metamorphose into a leviathan of an ice! All the water freeze collectively to shape itself up into one solid mass that in turn heightens the all-pervasive whiteness.

    Niagara Falls 2

    In fact, one of the principle attractions that come over to this place during the winter, is the icy bridge! The flowing waters post-freezing join hands to establish an invincible and natural bridge that can be walked upon.

    This scene at Niagara is worth creating a lifetime memory. If you already live close by the place, you are lucky enough to explore it this weekend. But in case you aren’t, put it in your bucket list for this year. Get your flight tickets ready and fly off to experience this bewildering statement of nature on your winter vacation.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra