Now 'Coffee' will run the London buses!

  • The iconic Red Buses in London

    What do you think ‘Coffee’ is all about? - All about drinking it, right? Well, you couldn’t be any more wrong! Coffee is about to become the fuel to run the public buses too!

    It may sound eccentric or fun to you, but it is very much happening. In London, Bio-Bean, a British start-up and the Shell & Argent Energy together recently introduced to the streets of London, buses that ran on coffee-based bio-fuel.

    The thought that drove them to come up with such an ingenious and marvellous idea is the realisation to battle against the deteriorating climate of the city. There is a constant rise in the level of toxic elements in the air. The predicament of poor air-quality has already railroaded the city into a worrying health crisis.

    Much of brainstorming and brain-picking lead the duo to appreciate the process of turning the coffee into a fuel to run the bus. And in the process, they also took care to make the most of the wastes too. They went about accumulating the coffee waste from restaurants, cafes, and factories. The gathered mass was thereafter let dry. Then began the process of extraction of coffee oil using a solvent though a biochemical process. The extracted oil was then combined with other fuels which was used in these diesel buses. And that was how the iconic red buses of London was run on coffee-based bio-fuel for the first time.

    This is a one-of-its-kind project and indeed an interesting one. It will be quite a thrilling experience to ride one of these buses on your next visit to London. Put it down in your To-Do list before you book the flight.

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    Author : Satarupa Hajra