On which adventure will You accompany Tintin and Snowy?

  • The Adventures of Tintin

    Sitting by the window on an ever-lovely Sunday during a vacation, reading an Adventure of Tintin is one of the best childhood memories. How dear and charming are those memories, isn’t it ? They make us so nostalgic - a feeling that almost verges on moroseness, when we realize how deeply have we got ourselves entangled into the adult world.

    How many a times did we not imagine ourselves accompanying Tintin and his friends on his adventures? All of us did; in fact did it over and over as we moved from one book to another. In the process, we have wound up making a particular adventure our favourite.

    Here are some of the most fascinating, interesting, and popular adventures that Tintin undertook and we read avidly. Which one do you like the most? In effect, if Aladdin’s genie wriggles out of the magic lamp to grant life to your long-desired dream to accompany Tintin on one of his adventurous holidays, which one will you favour? Which is the place that you will fly to? Below you find the list.

    1. China


    His adventure entitled 'The Blue Lotus' unfolds in China.

    2. USA

    United States of America

    His adventure entitled 'Tintin In America' has United States of America as its backdrop.

    3. Russia


    'Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets' is about his experience in Russia.

    4. Egypt


    'Cigars Of The Pharaoh' as the title suggests is unfolded in Egypt.

    5. England

    United Kingdom

    'The Black Island' will take you to England.

    6. Morocco


    'The Crab With The Golden Claws' is set in Morocco.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra