There is more to Egypt than just the Pyramids

  • Abu Simbel in Egypt

    Egypt, one of the oldest of civilizations conquered history with its singularities. Economic prowess, architectural atypicality, path-breaking scientific discoveries, social-religious practices, beliefs, and feats achieved in governance, had transformed Egypt into an extremely advanced civilisation.

    Today, thousands of years later from its golden days, too, Egypt captures and holds imagination hostage. To a true blue traveller, Egypt is overwhelming, pleasantly convoluted, and extremely attractive. It beckons travellers from all parts of the world and never returns its admirers empty-handed.

    Pyramids of Egypt have always held particularly a special place. But to an under-informed traveller, Egypt can be hugely baffling; there is more to Egypt than just the Pyramids. If you think that a trip to Egypt is will be all about the Pyramids and Cairo - You are mistaken! Perhaps you might like to brush up on your knowledge of Egypt; learn why here.

    1. Luxor’s Karnak Temple

    Luxor’s Karnak Temple in Egypt

    The Karnak temple in Egypt is one colossal structure that can effortlessly fascinate human imagination. It is a wide expanse comprising of diversely stunning structures like chapels, temples, pylons, and whats-not creating a titanic open-air museum. A trip to Egypt that is devoid of a visit to this unique place will render the trip incomplete and wanting.

    2. White Desert

    White Desert in Egypt

    From a good distance, the White Desert appears like a land spread with white cream. On left, right, and center, what one gets to behold is a sea of white that has intermittent boulders and pinnacles also in the colour white. This beauty is an exceptional thing to treat your eyes to!

    3. St. Catherine’s Monastery

    St. Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt

    The St. Catherine’s Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world and what makes it more attractive is that it is situated amidst a desert. A trip to this place will let one discover art that is very removed from the rest of the world. Apart from this, another reason that makes it an important destination is that it allows to see a brilliant sunrise and sunset. A hike up to the Mount Sinai leads the searching eyes towards a flawless and clear sunrise a well as sunset.

    4. Alexandria

    Alexandria in Egypt

    Alexandria is a name that we have known since the days of childhood. It was established by Alexander The Great. It was also the homeland of the famous and exceptionally beautiful queen Cleopatra. A modern-day Alexandria embodies as much beauty as it did during the olden times.

    5. Abu Simbel

    Abu Simbel in Egypt

    It is a temple, nonetheless, unique and gargantuan in features and size respectively. There are two giant temples carved out of rock bearing impeccable architectural features. Known for its exceptional megalithic proportions, these temples were built during 13th century B.C.

    To fly to Egypt to holiday in these places, all you have to do it book a flight ticket.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra