5 Places where selfies are banned

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    You are a sucker for travelling and you love to take selfies as much, right? But your interests could be harmed or at least affected by the rules established in certain countries. Yes!

    There are some countries around the world, the governments of which have decreed a ban on taking selfies. The rationales behind such a decision ensuing the proclamation varies from one country to the other, but the underlying import and exigency is made stark clear.

    So before you plan out a trip and head forth to purchase the flight tickets, check doubly the countries that have outlawed selfies. Likewise, care to learn the reason that triggered the diktat.

    1. South Korea

    South Korea

    The Republic of Korea has taken rigorous measures to clamp down the use of selfie sticks. The reasons de facto stated are quite justifiable; there is a rising fear that these sticks may interfere with a welter of gadgets that make use of radio waves. They have, forbye, levied fines along with immurement for using uncertified selfie sticks.

    2. United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom has come up with a stern advisory with respect to taking selfies. The advisory addresses the electoral asking them to not click selfies while casting a vote or next to the ballot box. The diktat is also meant for the officials especially the returning officer. The measures are austere and mandatory as it comes from the United Kingdom Electoral Commission.

    3. United States of America

    United States of America

    New York has banned the selfie sticks too. But the silver lining in this case is the fact that the decree is applicable in case the selfie-stick owners desire to get photographed in the company of wild beats such as lion or tiger. The case is more relevant with regards to fairs that host shows with animals. In fact, the stringency is such prominent that any form of violation will invite fine.

    4. Spain


    During the Running of the Bulls, taking a selfie in Spain can cost you lot more than you can imagine. The fines imposable is an extortionate value of up to €3000 Euros. The bona fides are agreeable as the officials want to save lives of the people. Spain has witnessed many spectators losing their lives on account of taking selfies during the match due to their foolhardiness.

    5. Australia


    The organizing committee of the Australian Open 2015 banned the use of selfie sticks. As ironic as it gets, usage of the same was tacitly favoured in the past to promote the fixture. But it was noticed that the selfie sticks were turning rather into agents of distraction for the participants of the contest, which finally resulted into the imposition of the ban.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra