5 Post offices under and above the earth’s surface

  • Susami, Japan

    Susami, Japan

    10 metres underwater in the Wakayama Prefecture, lies a mailbox in the waters of the Susami Bay. Since its inception in 1999, the mailbox has sent over 32,000 mails written on waterproof cards with special oil-based markers.

    Pulau Layang, Malaysia

    Pulau Layang-Layang, Malaysia40 metres deep in the sea, lies the Pos Malaysia Berhad Underwater Post Box launched in 2015. It is considered as the deepest underwater postbox in the world. Visitors can send postcards with Malaysia Book of Records sigil on it.Check out our Malaysia tour packages and head out for a unique experience.

    Risør, Norway

    Risor, NorwayThe Risør Underwater Post Office was conceived by the local SCUBA diving club and was established in 2004. It is the world’s only dry underwater post office. Located next to a pier, it has a normal postbox wherein visitors deposit their letters as usual. The letters are later sealed in a waterproof bag and taken to the underwater dry postbox.

    Hideaway Island, Vanuatu

    Hideaway IslandNestled in the clear waters of Oceania, Hideaway Island in Vanuatu has a mailbox 3 metres underwater that is easily recognised by a flag above it.

    China Space Post Office

    China Post Space OfficeThis post office is something out of the world, literally. This post office is located in the outer space and we are not even kidding. The China Space Post Office is located 343kms above the earth. The China Post Space Office has two venues - on-the-ground base inside the Beijing Aerospace Command & Control Center (BACCC) and the ‘virtual office’ aboard the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft.

    Author: Winnie Karnik