We bet you haven't seen Rajasthan from this angle

  • Traditions of Rajasthan

    Culturally entrenched land, Rajasthanis have a swagger that is hard to miss. Colourful attire, boastful moustaches, uncanny dances and elaborate crafts offer experiences that are unparalleled. Rajasthan tour packages have tricked us into giving us one image about Rajasthan which is very much deserted. These photos will debunk all the stereotypes you've had about Rajasthan.

    Lily pads in Jhalawar

    Lily pads in Jhalawar

    Maharaja's Garden in City Palace, Udaipur

    City palace Udaipur

    All in all it's another brick in the wall

    Jhalawar City, Rajasthan

    Stitching soil with onion seedlings

    Onion planting in Rajasthan

    Sunset view from Pushkar's vantage point

    Pushkar, Rajasthan

    There can be surprises in the Lake City of Udaipur.

    Lake city, Udaipur

    Drones get you good photos, and attention as well

    Rajasthani kids amused at the sight of drone

    Images courtesy: Instagram @amos.chappe

    Author: Winnie Karnik