8 Real pictures of Earth taken from outer space

  • Americas Nightlights_2016_

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) recently released night light images of the Earth from space and they are just stunning. These images that NASA recently made public not only look pretty, but also give us an insight on human activity recorded over years. The data released by them is also used in research and development of new applications. Have a look at Mother Earth during the nighttime.

    This is how India looks at night from outer space


    This is how India looked in 2012. Clearly, we have become more enlightened now


    Who’s the brightest of them all?

    Asai nightlights_2016

    Europe at night


    And how the eastern part of USA outshines the western!


    A picture of the world taken during Diwali from the space. Not!


    Here’s how the whole of earth looks at night from the space

    Earth gif

    Image courtesy: NASA