This Russian Instagrammer is living every traveller's dream life

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    Some mornings we wake up, and wish to pack our bags and just walk out, to live a life we've always dreamt of, to travel the world and explore. Some morning we wake up with the urge to live our life vicariously through someone else's exploits. If today happens to be one of those days for you, (the latter one I just described) I have just the perfect dose for it. This Russian Instagrammer is living every traveller's dream. From Prague to Italy she's been almost everywhere. Her Instagram feed is as colourful as it can get.

    So if you're having a dull day, these photos will definitely brighten you up and put a smile on your face.

    1. How about some fresh flowers to begin the day on a good note?

    Gorky Park, Moscow

    Gorky Park, Moscow

    2. "Picture you're the queen of everything, as far as the eye can see, under your command"

    Letná, Prague

    Letenské Sady, Prague

    3. A rustic village, with a rutic castle

    Malcesine castle, Lake Grada, Italy

    Malcesine Castle, Italy

    4. In northern Italy, there's a colourful village that is brighter than the sun

    Murano Burano, Torcello Islands

    Murano Burano, Torcello Islands

    5. Throwback to childhood when all you wanted, was to burst the bubble

    Old Town, Prague

    Old Town, Prague

    6. Fresh strawberries, from a small town in Georgia

    Signagi, Georgia

    Signagi, Georgia

    7. There's small cafe in Russia that serves dreams on a plate


    A cafe in Russia

    8. Sometimes, words fail

    Faroe Islands

    Trælanípa, Faroe islands

    Doesn't this make you want to book your flight tickets and fly off?

    Author : Sanjana Sule

    Photo Credits :miss_anastasia_u/instagram