Secret places that you cannot see on Google map

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    On Google maps, we can find all the destinations, as and when we drive or walk to reach the destination. But what if the app fails to give you an iota of information regarding some destinations? This is a very plausible situation as there are a few places in the world that are not covered by the app.

    Determined either by a country, or a government or some other third force, there are some places, believe it or not, that are inaccessible to a common person. The rationale behind the diktat varies. Sometimes they quote protection and at other times national security as the reason.

    But whatever be the reason, these destinations and the idea of the bar will pall the mind with intrigue and interest. Here is the list of places that very much exist but are far from our reach at least in this lifetime!

    1. Buffalo Niagara

    United States of America

    Buffalo Niagara is a part of the Great Lakes region in North America. The international airport of this place is completely out of bounds of the Google maps. Unlike the other airports in the world, here is one airport which is unreservedly out of the sight of the common people on the map. No matter how hard and long do you try to locate it, you will fail miserably.

    2. Russia


    There is a place in Russia that is simply whited out on the Google maps. Despite unnumbered attempts to zoom into the area to determine the fundamentals about the place, you will simply draw a blank. The area is a part of the tundra region of Siberia in Russia. The only thing that can be fathomed out is the fact that this particular place is situated close to the city of Egvekinot.

    3. Japan


    Here is another airport, the accessibility of which has been unconditionally denied to Google maps. Minami Torishima Airport is the name of the airport and it is lying off the east coast of the country. This is a one-runway airport, is another similar property like the Buffalo Niagara International Airport that is not covered by the Google maps. It is used by the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan.

    4. The Netherlands


    In The Netherlands, the royal palace which is situated in the beautiful city of Amsterdam is another example. Also known as Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam, this place in fact, has even the Royal Stables whited out. The Dutch royal family settled here has made not just this particular property but also many other of their properties unavailable on the map.

    5. Utah

    United States of America

    Located on the western side of the United States of America, Utah has a region that is blurred in the Google maps. The Michael Aaf building which is located at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, cannot be seen, perhaps on account of security reasons. The place is actually a hub to conduct various biological and chemical weaponry.

    6. Chile


    Lesser known a place, Chile certainly stands out as a dream destination due to its natural beauty. But in Chile, there is a place that is unreservedly blurred when its comes to viewing it on the Google maps. The place is called the Tantauco National Park. This ecotourist destination is a private natural reserve at Chiloé Island in Chile. It is home to several endangered species such as Blue Whale, Huillín Otter, and Chilote Fox.

    How to reach these places? Well, all you have to do is select a holiday package to your liking and fly off.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra