6 Exotic ways to celebrate Christmas

  • Christmas celebrations

    Cakes, Christmas trees, bells, carols, pastries and gifts - we have all done that. How about, instead of following the routine pattern, celebrate this Christmas in a different country altogether; in their unique style. Below is a list of countries each having an individual style, take a look, pick your favourite and book your air ticket!

    1. When heels do the talking! - The Czech Republic

    Christmas celebrations in Czech Republic

    Christmas is celebrated in quite a unique way in this part of the world. There is a quaint tradition followed in Czech, wherein single women are meant to sling a shoe over their shoulders, positioning their backs to their house doors. Now, if the shoe lands on the floor with the heel pointing towards the door, then she will have to delete her accounts on dating sites and in lieu pet cats! But if it is the front of the shoe that points towards the door then she has to start planning for her wedding.

    2. The ascetics - Armenia

    Christmas celebrations in Armenia

    Head off to Armenia to lose some weight before the Christmas celebrations begin. In Armenia, the locals observe a week-long fast prior to the D-day. And then, on Christmas eve, they break their fast with a light meal called ‘Khetum’. It is a scrumptious dish that is made of rice, yogurt soup, fish, dried nuts, chickpeas and grape jelly desserts.

    3. Let the spider web, will you! - Ukraine

    Christmas celebrations in Ukraine

    Although we hurry to dust off a spider-web every time we locate one on the ceiling, Ukraine actually considers it providential! They cover the Christmas tree with artificial spider webs. Legend has it, that an old lady and her family who lived in penury, could not decorate the Christmas tree to celebrate the festival. A community of spiders having witnessed the sight, were deeply moved and later surreptitiously decorated a Christmas tree with gold and silver for them, that proved providential for them and brought them fortune.

    4. Penny wise Lev rich! - Bulgaria

    Christmas celebrations in Bulgaria

    In Bulgaria where the currency is the Lev, the families serve on the dinner table, a nice round-shaped and well-decorated bread called ‘Pita’. The fun part is that it contains a coin buried deep within. After the bread is cut into pieces and served, the person who turns out to be the recipient of the coin-laden helping, will, according to the belief; have all the good luck for the year!

    5. Welcome the holy family - France

    Christmas celebrations in France

    France has a very beautiful Christmas tradition. It begins on the eve of Christmas, when the people bring logs of cherry wood home and sprinkle them with red wine. Then these logs along with a bunch of lighted candles, some food and drinks are placed outside. The logs are then left lit to effuse a perfumed smell into the surroundings. They believe that mother Mary and baby Jesus while passing their house, will stop for some rest in the beautiful ambiance and have some of the food.

    6. Royal presents! - Philippines

    Christmas celebrations in Philippines

    This nation perhaps celebrates Christmas in the sweetest form - with little children. The little tots here, take out their shoes, clean them up and place them over the window sills. The three Kings wearing royal robes, saddled on their horses, pass through various neighbourhoods and tuck presents for the children in these shoes as Christmas gifts.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra