10 Unusual and amazing swimming pools in the world

  • Hanging Gardens, Bali

    Hanging Gardens, Bali

    Nestled in the heart of Ubud’s burgeoning forest, the Hanging Gardens’ Infinity Pool cast a tranquillising spell on your mind. A romantic undertone dawns over the pool as you watch the sun settle over the horizon. With a luxurious vibe and resplendent view, this place is besieged by a viridescent forest grove.

    Mona Vale Beach Rock Pool, Australia

    Mona Vale Beach Rock Pool, AustraliaA pool carved inside an ocean, Mona Vale Beach Rock Pool captivates your heart instantly. This pool doubles up as an ocean and looks like an eye of god. And well, there’s a separate pool for the toddlers as well.

    Wildflower Hall, India

    Wildflower Hall, IndiaPoised on the rolling plains of Mashobra, set in the dramatic Himalayan landscape, Wildflower Hall’s al fresco jacuzzi is rested over a viceregal mansion. Set amidst a luxuriant boom of pine and cedar trees, experience a Victorian revival as you imbue the goodness from the hot jacuzzi staged in a realm of slushy mountains.

    Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland

    Swimming Pool at Hotel Villa Honegg, SwitzerlandWatch the lines between the snow-cloaked Alps and the sleety Lake Lucerne blur as you idle in your infinity whirlpool at Hotel Villa Honegg. The hot,sultry outdoor pool stirs up a romantic affair between your wandering soul and the ethereal surroundings.

    Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

    Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeWorld’s highest and largest infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands is perched on Singapore’s most luxurious hotel. Experience opulent luxury and a panoramic view of Singapore, afloat world’s most exquisite pool. It might cost you a bomb, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Soar the skies aboard its Skygarden for a dreamy experience.

    Tilal Liwa Hotel Pool, Abu Dhabi

    Tilal-Liwa-Hotel-PoolLocated in the torrid desert of Rub' al Khali, Tilal Liwa Hotel Pool opens up to a beautiful, infinite view of the sun-baked desert. An oasis in the desert, the hotel is equipped with a jacuzzi, sauna and a traditional hammam.

    Cave pools, Greece

    Cave pools, SantoriniA suite carved inside a mountainous cavity on the sleeping slopes of Santorini’s cliffs, the cave pools take luxury to another level. Wallow in the flamboyance of mini-lagoons that seductively illuminate over the disappearing edge of Greece.

    Hotel Termas Al Sosneado, Argentina

    Hotel Termas Al Sosneado, ArgentinaThe remnant of a bygone time, Hotel Termas Al Sosneado was an erstwhile hotel that has now given away to the passage of time. Once a hotel thriving with a lot of life and fun, now lies derelict due to neglect. The thermal pool that was constructed in 1938 still lies unaffected to the realms of time. A dip in this pool stirs a warm memory of the past as well as wears all the tiredness off your body.

    Hotel Hubertus Sky Pool, Italy

    Hotel Hubertus Sky Pool in ItalySet amidst the rolling plains of Dolomites, Hubertus Sky Pool is a lonely mirage floating in the Italian sky, giving you the unique feeling of swimming in the sky. Perched 13 metres above the ground, the glass-bottom of the pool exposes you to panoramic views of the daunting abyss.

    Mirage House by Kois Architect, Greece

    Mirage House by Kois Architect, GreecePerched high up on Greek’s rocky hills of Tinos, Mirage House overlooks a panoramic view of Greece’s most scenic lagoon. The infinity pool that crowns the building gives you stunning views of the rugged and handsome landscape peppered with over 40 villages. If you can tell the difference between sky and pool, you are at the wrong place.

    Author: Winnie Karnik