The Spooky town of Al Madam in Sharjah

  • Spooky town of Al Madam in SharjahDo eerie places fascinate you? Are you a dare devil who prefers uncanny destinations and love exploring them? Then, we suggest - you get your visa and make your way to the ‘Ghost Town’ of Al Madam in Sharjah.

    Why is this place called the ‘Ghost Town’?

    Al-Madam SharjahAl Madam is an inland town which has been abandoned for more than a decade now. 

    Mosque, Al-MadamAs you step into this town, you’ll get goosebumps coupled with a feeling that someone is constantly following you, keeping a close watch over you…

    Vehicle, Al-MadamAccording to legends, it is the ‘Jinn’ aka ‘Djinn’ (a spirit that has the ability to possess humans) who is scaring people away.

    Buried VillageA Buried Village

    The locals say that this village was last inhabited by the people of Al Kutbi tribe. The houses that you see here, date back to the 80’s. Now, the entire village including houses, mosques and vehicles are covered in sand, hence the name ‘Buried Village’. Well, one can say that sand and extreme forces of nature have invaded this village.

    How to reach here

    By flight: Nearest airport, Sharjah International Airport.

    Tucked away on the old Dubai-Hatta Road, this Ghost Town is approximately 50 km from Sharjah.

    So, all you bravehearts, brace yourself. Al Madam is calling you!

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur