Time to Break Travel Stereotypes

  • Time to Break Travel StereotypesBored of stereotypes? Well, then - it’s high time you break free from all types of stereotypes which is sure to add excitement to your life.

    Heard about Shital Mahajan Rane? Yes, you’re right, this braveheart from Pune skydived wearing a Nauvari Saree, thereby setting a new record. This 35-year-old adventure enthusiast also a Padma Shri recipient jumped from 13,000 feet in Thailand. Her commendable achievement clearly breaks the gender stereotype; it proves that woman are equally interested in adventure sports, and the like.

    Shital Mahajan Rane

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    : manoramaonline.com

    Take a look at how you can break free from all sorts of travel stereotypes.

    Stop looking for recommendations

    Stop looking for recommendationsDon’t you look for ratings or recommendations before booking your stay or while preparing your travel itinerary?

    Simply relying on other’s reviews is playing safe, isn’t it? Each individual has different tastes and preferences which may not appeal to you. So, on your next holiday, try stepping out of your comfort zone; interact with the locals - you never know, you may discover new experiences that are not available on the internet.

    Travelling is not only for the rich

    Travelling is not only for the richDo you believe that only rich people can travel? Well, that’s not the case!

    To satiate your wanderlust, save some money for travel monthly. Maintaining a separate fund for travel is a good idea, right? Other tips that can make an international trip affordable includes: go for self-drive, use Google maps, stay in a hostel, use free WiFi, take the public transport and most importantly travel to foreign places where Indian rupee is stronger. So, stop dreaming, start travelling!

    Set yourself free from Selfie addiction

    Set yourself free from Selfie addictionWe all love taking a selfie or a picture wherever we go, isn’t it? Maybe - for sharing it on social media or keeping it as a memory of the experiences.

    In stead, wouldn’t it be more fun, if we could use this time for experiencing the place to the fullest, living in the moment - what say? This way, we could interact with the people around rather than sticking to our gadgets. A better idea would be to capture shots of the locals - try this perspective on your next break!

    Early birds don’t always get the best deals

    Early birds don’t always get the best dealsDon’t you book your flight tickets at least three months in advance? Well, we all do.

    This time, you can try availing the last minute deals offered by various airlines to get cheaper tickets. Browse through the airline websites; some even have a bid price for the flight tickets which will provide you air tickets at a lower price.

    Don’t stick to your itinerary

    Don’t stick to your itineraryAre you the one who plans out the complete itinerary, well in advance? It’s a good practice. But you know, with this - you will end up visiting all touristy and crowded places.

    On your next trip, how about partly following your itinerary and partly venturing out on your own? You never know, you may end up discovering a secluded beach, a great restaurant and other interesting and offbeat places.

    Stop wasting your money on overpriced souvenirs

    Stop wasting your money on overpriced souvenirsWe all follow the ritual of picking up a souvenir from every place, we visit. Be it - a keychain, a fridge magnet, a postcard and t-shirt which are usually overpriced.

    What we suggest is that while buying these souvenirs, ask these simple questions to yourself. Is it worth you money? Do you actually need them? (Unless you want to brag about it). In reality, sometimes, we don’t even use them; they are lost in the piles of things inside our cupboard, right?

    Go for Impromptu Trips

    Go for Impromptu TripsMonths of planning, packing, booking flights and accommodations often leave us exhausted, even before the actual trip has commenced.

    It’s time to cheat these boring tasks and embrace impromptu trips. Imagine this- it’s a Saturday morning, you set off on a road trip without knowing where you are heading to, exciting, isn’t it? With no target-oriented itinerary and the stress to complete them all, you’ll feel truly liberated. Enjoy the drive, savour the scenic landscapes, feel the cool breeze on your face and explore places like never before.

    Adventure seekers like Shital Mahajan Rane, the braveheart skydiver, are breaking the stereotypes! Are you?

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur