10 Unique taxis around the world

  • Taxis around the world

    As often as not, we tend to equate the worth of a journey to that of the destination. But an inherently undetachable attribute of any journey, which is mostly treated with an air of forgetfulness, is the mode of transport. We know it will be either a flight, or train, or car, or some other mode, and the we leave it there.

    And when the concern is paltrier, for instance, a short errand between two sightseeing made in a ‘Taxi’ or the sort of it, our interest thins further. You are perhaps given to such a behaviour out of practice. Or perhaps you think that a car ride cannot offer any new sensation, as it is unmistakably boring and unavoidable. To tell you the truth, you can have a ride in the most interesting way.

    These pictures of ‘taxis’ from several parts of the world will demonstrate to you the above-stated concept.

    1. Cocotaxi, Cuba

    Taxi in Cuba

    Genesis of the name being a coconut, hence ‘Coco’, this customer-friendly mode of transport can be effortlessly spotted on the Cuban roads. A diminutive yellow-bodied vehicle, it runs on three wheels and offers seats to three passengers.

    2. Black Cab, London

    Black Cabs, London

    Known as a hackney carriage, apart from many other names like cab, black cab, hack or London taxi, with ‘Remise’ being the higher-end version of the same, this is the favoured mode of transport for the public.

    3. Tuk Tuk, Bangkok

    Tuk Tuks, Bangkok

    From residents to tourists, Tuk Tuk is a popular choice. The open-air vehicle is painted in a combination of blue and yellow. It is the successor of the human-driven rickshaw named Samlor.

    4. Water Taxi, New York

    Water Taxis, New York

    Taxis run on the water! Well that is what these taxis in New York do. The New York Water Taxi. It has a space to house passengers around a figure of 149, and sails smoothly over the waters of East River, Hudson Bay, and the Upper New York Bay.

    5. Tricycle, Philippines

    Tricycles, Philippines

    Of great utility, these taxis that operate left, right, and center in Philippines, come in different sizes. While some have the capacity to take on board 4 passengers, some can go up carrying 9. The roof offers space to carry luggage.

    6. Water taxi, Venice

    Water taxis, Venice

    In Venice, the Water Taxi is one of the key modes of transport that ply to and fro in the lagoon area. It addresses the requirements of ordinary public transport and on the side aides travellers while sightseeing.

    7. Bicitaxi, Mexico

    Bicitaxi, Mexico

    This vehicle running swiftly past the eyes is a common thing the sight meets while walking on the roads of Mexico. It is peddled by the driver and within its midget frame, two to three people can take a ride together.

    8. Shikara, Kashmir

    Shikara, Kashmir

    This floating and bedecked wooden boat should not be a surprise entry into this list. One of the key reasons behind wanting to trip to Kashmir is a ride in the Shikara.

    9. Tuk Tuk, Lisbon

    Tuk Tuk

    A miniature vehicle with open-air built has acquired much fame among the tourists. It has a colourful exterior and room to carry quite a few from one place to the other.

    10. Kali Peeli, India

    Taxi in Mumbai

    Despite the Uber and the Ola cabs being in fashion, the Kali-Peeli taxis have not been ebbed away. There popularity have made them featured in feature-length films several times in cinema.

    So which one do you wish to fly? Which of these countries are you going to go next? In that case, do not forget to have your fair share of experience of a unique taxi!