Walk through the rain without getting wet in Sharjah

  • Rain Room

    Want to experience 365 days of rain? Then, we recommend you plan a holiday to Sharjah. Tucked away in Al Majarrah Park, the Rain Room is part of the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection.

    Why is the ‘Rain Room’ a hit among travellers?

    Picture this - you’re walking through a downpour of continuous rain without a raincoat or umbrella? You’ll get wet for sure! But if we say, no you won’t…Would you believe us? Well, this is possible in the Rain Room. You ask how? The answer is: this room contains motion sensors that detect your movements and hold back the raindrops where you walk or stand. You can even take a selfie without getting yourself wet!

    This marvellous art installation makes use of 1,200 litres of recycled water to create a constant downpour. Hats off to this modern technology!

    Incredible experience - worth a visit

    As you enter the Rain Room, you’ll be greeted by the patter of rain. It’s a large, dark room with one blinding light. Try every trick - move slowly or quickly but cheating the motion sensors is next to impossible. You won’t get wet, for sure. However, if you want a few droplets to hit your face, try walking at a faster pace.

    When to visit this Rain Room?

    Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 9pm

    Friday: 4pm to 11pm

    Price of the Ticket

    For adults, it is 25 AED

    For kids up to 5 years, admission is free.


    Do not carry food or beverage inside the installation.

    Umbrellas or any other rain gear is not permitted inside.

    Do not wear shoes with thin high heels for safety reasons.

    The installation authority will not be responsible for any damage caused while using your mobile phones or other photographic equipment inside the installation.

    Professional photography is prohibited inside, unless explicit prior permission taken from Sharjah Art Foundation.

    How to reach here

    By flight: Nearest airport, Sharjah International Airport.

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