Fire Rainbow - Did you ever hear about this thing?

  • Fire Rainbow

    The name of this phenomenon and the above picture together must have unitedly baffled you already. You must have begun mulling over whatever this ‘thing’ is! Hence, proceed…

    What is this?

    A Fire Rainbow is a singular and unequalled optical phenomenon. It takes place very rarely in the sky and only in a very few places on Earth.

    Why is it called so?

    In truth, the term ‘Fire Rainbow’ is a misnomer. It is actually known as a ‘Circumhorizontal arc’ as it is neither a rainbow and nor a fire. It is casually called so on account of the impression that the overall appearance of the phenomenon casts on the minds.

    Fire Rainbow in the sky

    How is it formed?

    This is a rare episode to take place in the nature, but when it does, it leaves a lasting impression on the minds of the watchers. It takes quite a bit of things to happen in tandem to trigger this unique development. It is formed when the sun is at an angle equal to or higher than 58 degrees in the ice-laden clouds. At such an angle, the light of the sun becomes empowered to hit these ice crystals that are lying sky-high, thus giving birth to this distinctive optical wonder!

    A rare Fire Rainbow

    In which country is it seen?

    As it takes place seldom, in any case, only a handful of people have the opportunity to experience it. It mostly is seen across the United States of America during the summer months.

    So next time when you plan for a trip to the US, do remember this information.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra