Which is your favourite music band in the world

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    If there is a religion that may truly and effortlessly evolve as a common faith to this religiously diverse world, then it is music. Music, as varying as it gets, has a common belief system, hence allowing the possibility to assimilate believers from all walks of life into a single large space. Its belief system is quite simple and unpretentious - live and let live.

    Musicians, whether as a solo performer or a unit of performers, whether lyrical or instrumental, have painstakingly reiterated universalism and cosmopolitanism through music. Generating awareness against social ills, advocating on behalf of liberty, questioning long-held norms like an iconoclast, and pushing the envelope to broaden minds - music moves walls.

    Below is a list of 5 such music bands from different parts of the world that do the magic effortlessly. If you desire to holiday in any of these places, do take a look at the list below.

    1. The Corrs - Ireland


    The Corrs is an Irish band of four siblings that came into being in the ‘90s. The music is unusual and exceptional wherein traditional folk marries rock music. Each tune is intricately developed, which sounds loftier in company of a wide variety of musical instruments - violin, tin whistle, piano, vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, and keyboards. ‘Talk on Corners’ is their magnum opus.

    2. Arcade Fire - Canada


    Winner of Grammy awards, the Arcade Fire is an indie rock band. Originated in Canada and founded long back in the year 2001 by Win Butler and his coterie of friends, Arcade Fire is made up of members who can play multiple musical instruments. The instruments used during each rendition include piano, xylophone, drums, bass guitar, violin, cello, double bass, mandolin, glockenspiel, accordion, synthesizer, French horn, harp, and many more.

    3. Black Sabbath - United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

    An English rock band, Black Sabbath is a well-known band based in Birmingham. Music genre is largely heavy metal but it is much more versatile than one could imagine. The sorts of variations in music style that this band introduced and made extensive use of in their musical creations are acid rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, blues rock, progressive rock, and proto-progressive metal.

    4. Eluveitie - Switzerland


    One of the most renowned music bands that sways the world with its rhythms is Eluveitie. Primarily into metal music, this Swiss band is into a variety of sub-genres such as melodic death, Celtic and pagan music as well as a heavy draw from folk metal music. And to create the aura, they incorporate instruments of various kinds - bagpipes, fiddles, hurdy-gurdies, tin whistles, and flutes.

    5. The Killers - United States of America

    United States of America

    Based in Nevada in United States of America, the Killers pioneered a fresh new style into rock music. Reflecting a deep interest in different forms of rock music - indie, alternative, post-punk to name a few, the band has gained a distinguished recognition of being one of the biggest bands of this century. Their music also subsume new wave as well as heartland rock genres.

    Author : Satarupa Hajra