Kalki Koechlin's Special Women's Day Message

  • Kalki Koechlin

    She took a sip of Margarita with a straw to assert a woman’s individuality; recited a self-written satire to critique the media’s coverage of crimes. This women’s day Kalki Koechlin nails it with her idea of empowerment – It’s bold and unapologetically to the point. In an exclusive interview with Musafir.com, the actor reveals the best thing about being a woman today.

    Q) One thing that inspires you to excel and keeps you going every day:

    K: Dissatisfaction and the feeling that I can always do more.

    Q) The best thing about being a woman in today’s world:

    K: The possibility of meeting men who consider women's happiness and freedom equal to theirs.

    Q) Your idea of empowerment for women:

    K: Equal pay, equal rights and equal opportunity.

    Q) When on a wanderlust, where would you set off to?

    K: South America 

    Read Kalki Koechlin's full interview here.

    As told to Iona Chatterjee

    Picture Credit : Akshay Sabale