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    About Dubai

    Dubai, breaker of limitations, protector of its culture, and a symbol of luxury. The world sings praises of this city, travellers from around the world visit to behold its many wonders. The tallest building- Burj Khalifa, the vast sand dunes, the rich Arab culture, the extensive malls, and the vibrant markets, will leave you spellbound. The experiences one can have in Dubai are beyond what one can manage to cover. However, you must try Ski Dubai, the gorgeous beaches, Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, desert safari, and how can one forget the wonderful variety of food including the authentic Arab cuisine. Dubai is an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. The more you visit, more there is to be explored.

    Hyderabad Airport

    Rajiv Gandhi International Airport serves as an international airport in Hyderabad. It was named after the former Indian Prime Minister- Rajiv Gandhi. It has one cargo terminal, and one passenger terminal, and it has two runways. It is known as the sixth busiest airport in India.

    Dubai Airport

    Dubai is the key centre for airlines in the Middle East. It has two airports, the Dubai World Central - Al Maktoum International Airport, and the Dubai International Airport. The Al Maktoum International Airport has only one runway, and it is used for cargo flights. The Dubai International Airport has three terminals. The third terminal is known as world’s largest terminal.

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