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5 Secrets About Bur Dubai You've Never Heard Of Before

March 21, 2016

With its gleaming towers and sleek modern metro, Dubai presents itself as a modern day city. But a quick trip to Bur Dubai, the old quarter of Dubai, reveals a fascinating glimpse into the 900+ year old city. Get your Dubai visa and set off on this time travel expedition as we take you on a journey of discovery through the narrow streets of Bur Dubai.

Here are the top hidden secrets of the old town of Dubai:

1. See the old wall of Dubai

Old Wall of Dubai

Like many old cities, Dubai too was a walled city. Built in the 1800’s, the wall surrounded the Al Fahidi Fort and the Grand Mosque. Today you can see a preserved remnant of this wall in Bur Dubai.

2. Explore the narrow streets of ancient Dubai

Streets of Bur Dubai
The Al Fahidi historical neighborhood preserves the city as it was in ancient times. The area features old courtyard housing, with restored wind towers. The narrow streets bring a distinct old world charm to a pleasant look at how Dubai was in the distant past.

3. Discover the history of Dubai and more

Dubai Museum
The gigantic ship in front of the Al Fahidi Fort is difficult to miss. But step inside the fort to discover a marvelous museum that chronicles the rise of the city to the glass and chrome metropolis it is today. In the museum, you can take a look at shipbuilding, trading and all the other activities that propelled Dubai to being a central trading hub in the region. Once you have had your fill of Dubai’s history, see the rather quaint Coffee Museum. The small private museum in an historic Emirati home offers an interesting look at the origins of coffee and instruments used in its preparation.

4. Marvel at some Art

Majilis, Old Dubai

Photo Credits: Majlis Gallery, Bastakiya, Dubai by Fabio Achilli

Bur Dubai has some lovely quaint art galleries tucked into its lanes. Stop by at Majilis Art Gallery, which is one of Dubai’s oldest. See some lovely oils, watercolours and sculptures. Also visit the XVA, a contemporary art gallery that also screens art house films

5. Shop till you drop at Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar, Old Dubai
This buzzing shopping district in Bur Dubai used to be called Cosmos Lane, until the migrant cabbies started calling it Meena Bazaar, due to it’s resemblance to local bazaars in India. It is a brilliant place for some old fashioned shopping and a variety of goods including clothes, jewellery, toys and tapestries are on sale.

Author: Elroy Serrao