Man's world no more : Women's day special

March 8, 2016

Shipra Khanna

"A successful woman is one who builds a strong foundation with the bricks thrown at her" - Anonymous

The yellowed pages of history are proof that when anyone has dared to go against the herd mentality, their differing opinions have found their voice. Today is no different. In the fields where men stand guard, women now stand shoulder to shoulder. Meet the game changer of the gastronomical world- Shipra Khanna

She is the winner of Master Chef India 2. Her speciality is Global cuisine, Indian, baking, Desserts and fusion food and has consulted for many restaurants in India and abroad. After winning Master Chef, she began to host her own cooking show "Kitchen Stars ka Safar" She is a Restaurateur, Chef, Consultant, Author and an Anchor for T.V shows.

Q) Tell us something about yourself.
I am very fun- loving,happy-go-lucky person and I believe in live and let live. I am a positive person and I believe food is a universal language that knows no nation and no boundaries. Food is a very important part of my life. My entire life revolves around food.

Q) Your profession has been a very different choice. Who inspired you to take this as a profession?

Shipra: Its absolutely right. This profession is not one where women can take claim. Like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and other celebrities chefs, most of them are male. I just believe that even enemies also become friends at the dining table. My grandmother used to cook really well so I believe that I have some of her traits in cooking. That way, she is a great inspiration for me.

Q) How difficult is it to be a Woman in a Man’s world?

Shipra: It’s extremely difficult for a woman; but yes- they can also rule it if they want to rule.

Q) Tell us one incident when you felt that you felt the strong need to prove yourself?

Shipra: Believe it or not, it happens to me most of the times, even if I am working or not. I believe that we all have to prove ourselves in some or the other manner, all the time.

Q) What is the craziest thing you thought you’d never do, and has become your best party story till today.

Shipra: I never expected that I would ever do scuba diving. It was a great experience for me and it was a different world around it. It was a totally lovely experience.

Fast Fives:

Q) Five things you always carry while travelling
Eye Mask
Sunscreen Lotion
Lip Balm
Hair Brush

Q) Four places you’d recommend to our Musafirs
Yorkshire in Britain

Q) Three people you’d like to meet on a cruise and cook for them.
President of all the countries
Cook food for all of them
Also wanted to meet the counties on dining table whom we are not able to meet.

Q) Two adventure activities you’d like to do.
Bungee jumping
Rock Climbing

Q) One advice you would like to give to women on this women’s day.
I would like to tell all Musafirs that women are no longer the weaker sex now. They should believe in themselves and try their level best to fly high and achieve all their dreams in their professional or personal lives

Interviewed by: Roshal Mascarenhas