Travel Home Safe

    Travel Home Safe

    Finally after a two month long grounding, the government of India has allowed to partially resume domestic flights from Monday, 25th May 2020 for all airports across the country. The bookings will be open from Thursday evening. The fares for flights will be capped by the government for the next 2-3 months so that the ticket prices are affordable to people.

    Travelling procedures now won’t be the same as before. Here are a few guidelines that passengers might need to follow while travelling by domestic flights during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Passengers need to reach the airport 2 hours before departure since the process will be slower than usual.

    All the above the age of 14 years to have the Arogya Setu app downloaded on their mobile phones and only those with ‘safe status’ will be allowed to board the flight.

    Passengers are required to wear a mask at all times. Passengers might also be provided with a kit consisting of hand sanitizers, gloves, and a mask.

    Fliers may be asked to carry not more than one baggage item and avoid cabin baggage as specified by the airline.

    Everyone will have to go under thermal scanning and stand at marked areas in queues to maintain social distancing.

    Passengers might have to not only web check and obtain their boarding pass but also print their baggage tag and affix them on their bags. In case the passenger is unable to print the tag they can mention their PNR number on a piece of paper and tag it on their bag.

    If a person is unwell, has any COVID-19 symptoms, under quarantine, or resides in a containment zone they will not be allowed to travel.

    The elderly, pregnant women, and people with any ailment are advised not to travel.

    Passengers will have to scan their boarding passes by themselves to obtain an e-boarding pass before boarding the flight.


    Non-essential movements in the aisle need to be avoided.

    There will be no meal service in the aircraft and eatables will not be allowed to consume. However water will be provided.

    No magazines and newspapers will be available.

    There will be no onboard sale of items.

    Passengers are requested to minimize the use of the lavatory.

    On arrival, passengers need to leave the aircraft in a systemized manner as instructed by the aircraft crew.

    On arrival

    Baggage will arrive in batches and passengers need to wait in the holding area till their baggage arrives.

    Passengers need to hire only authorized taxis from the airport.

    Passengers need to follow safety health protocols as prescribed by the destination state. 

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