We've been attacked!

November 4, 2015


When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, its near Halloween.

Doing spooky things fascinates your daring soul? Even if it doesn’t, then an experience of Halloween celebration is sure to change your opinion.

The Halloween Feel

It was 31st October, the mysterious day at work. People with scary masks, ghostly costumes and eerie make-up entered the office. The air was filled with enigma and all you could see were horror sights. It felt as though the souls of the dead had entered human bodies. The living dead were walking free.

The Creepy Characters

The Creepy Characters

Have you ever seen ghosts working? Well, it was the unusual sight where you could see a dead crazy cat lady, a zombie tourist, the Joker and his girlfriend, a zombie cowgirl and a dead black widow working on their laptops with sincerity, did you just raise your eyebrow?

Well, they all had stories to narrate - while the crazy cat lady chanted her spells, the black widow looked to curse people with wrath on her mind! The Joker and his girlfriend romped over the office and swore to slaughter anyone who crossed their paths.The zombie tourist continued her journey even after her death, and the zombie cowgirl terrorized with her tale of how she was killed and the murder weapon, a scissor, still pierced her neck.

The Inspiration

Make-up for Halloween

Creepy people walking through the office and their enthusiasm inspired others to join the bizarre club. The girls make-up sets were in demand and put to good use which reflected on every face giving everyone a spooky look.

The Victim

Victim of Halloween

When everyone attacked, there had to be a few innocent gullible victims! The living dead pounced and attacked all those who dared to breathe - the humans!

If you haven’t celebrated Halloween yet, you are missing out a lot. Wait no more, book your flight tickets and experience Halloween across the globe.

Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur