150 Glorious years of railways and no one knows about it

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    150 years ago, on 12th April 1867, Mumbai’s Western Railways made their debut appearance and ran from Virar to Bombay Back Bay, a station between the à la mode stations of Churchgate and Marine Lines.

    From the reclamation of Bombay to its rechristening to Mumbai, Mumbai Railways have become the linchpin on which the entire economy revolves, heralding a huge empire that had such humble beginnings.

    A lot happened over these 150 years, from Bombay, it became Mumbai, and from pies and annas, we moved on to rupiah. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the Western Railways.

    From 4 coaches, we have moved to a dozen of them now.

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    Did you know that Virar was called Viraur earlier? Here are a few more

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    Earlier, there was third-class in addition to the first and second class that we have now.

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    Those were the days...

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    Today, there are more than 35 lakh commuters on the Western Railway daily

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    Author: Winnie Karnik