5 Photos depicting the dramatic effect of Twilight

  • Mykonos Island, GreeceThe once warm air turns cold and still,

    Long drawn out shadows gently fade,

    While birdsong that before was shrill

    Falls silent in a soft cascade.

    And everywhere nights velvet brush

    Begins to daub the landscape whole,

    Descending with a quiet hush

    That calms the nerves and soothes the soul ~ Adam Latham

    When you’re on a trip, don’t you rush to capture the sunrise or the sunset view? Different time of the day will alter your experience of the place. But, have you ever visited a place during twilight? If no, book your flight tickets and set out on an exciting journey to soak up some beauty. This period before sunrise and after sunset will add interesting collection to your travel album.

    1. Singapore skyline at the Marina during twilight

    Marina, Singapore2. The Crisp Point Lighthouse during twilight on Lake Superior, USA

    Lake Superior, USA3. Twilight view of Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice

    Gondola, Italy4. Bran Castle, Romania during twilight

    Bran Castle, Romania5.  Beautiful twilight over Mykonos island, Greece
    Mykonos Island, Greece

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur