All you need to know about Philippines Visa

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    So you want to go to Philippines but often get a cold feet while applying for a Philippines Visa? Possibly the reason behind is the fact that you are still in the dark when it comes to the nuts and bolts pertaining to the entire procedure. Well, you need not overthink or perturb yourself as this article will throw light on the issue. Get ready to book your first flight to holiday in Philippines!

    General Requirements

    If you wish to travel to Philippines you must satisfy the following basic requirements:-

    1. A good character with zero criminal cases reported against.

    2. A valid passport; it must have sufficient validity even after completion of the trip.

    3. Sufficient income to fund the trip. Hence, you are required to furnish proof of your income as well as money to pay for your return ticket.

    4. A proper reason behind the visit.

    The Process

    1. You need to download the Visa application form and fill it properly.

    2. Arrange the relevant documents that you have to submit in order to get the Visa.

    3. Finally, you have to submit the filled Visa application form along with the supporting documents to the Consulate of Philippines in Mumbai.

    Documents needed

    1. A Philippines Visa, to apply for, it requires a categorically precise set of documents to be submitted. Here is the listicle of documents you need to submit. Note it down.

    2. Your original passport with a validity of minimum six months from the date of return. Additionally, a minimum of 2 pages on both sides should remain blank to receive the visa stamp.

    3. Two recent photos of your with 80% face coverage with a white background and the photo size being 50 mm x 50 mm. It must be remembered that the photograph must not have already been used in any other form prior to the application for visa. Also it should not be older than 6 months.

    4. The original cover letter from you (applicant) must bear your name, designation, passport details, travel details with purpose and duration of stay. The letter should be duly signed by you with your contact details and the letter must be addressed to the ‘Philippines Consulate, Mumbai’.

    5. Confirmed return air ticket showing your travel itinerary.

    6. Your salary slip of last three months wherein the slip must bear company seal.

    7. Copy of credit card or Foreign Exchange with a minimum USD 500.

    8. Your bank statement reflecting transactions made in the last 6 months with bank seal and sign on the last page. It must have a minimum balance of 1 lakh rupees per applicant.

    9. If you are self-employed, you must submit your company registration copy or partnership deed. In case you are employed in a firm, you must submit the original leave sanction from the company, duly signed by the authorized signatory with his name, designation and company stamp.

    10. Confirmation of the hotel you will stay at as per your travel itinerary.