Say 'Hello' to these Vintage phone booths

  • Phone Booth, LondonHave you watched ‘Doctor Who’, the British science-fiction television series? If yes, then you might have fantasised about TARDIS, the blue callbox aka phone booth. For those of you who haven’t watched the program, this blue callbox is used by the protagonist, Doctor Who. He sets out on various adventurous trips where he transcends time and space unlike us.

    TARDIS, Doctor Who revised This blue callbox appears smaller from the outside but is surprisingly larger on the inside. It can be used to communicate across time and space to not just fly but also save civilisations from all sorts of nemesis.

    Well, we’ve got for you some heritage phone booths from across the globe. They may not take you across space like Doctor Who’s adventurous TARDIS, but they will definitely take you back in time; they will remind you of the privacy moments you enjoyed while talking to your loved ones inside these booths.

    1. Red phone booth on the beach of Antigua

    Phone booth, Antigua

    2. White phone booth in Normandy, France

    Phone booth, France revised

    3. Red phone booth at Scottish Highlands

    Phone booth, Scotland revised

    4. White and green phone booth, Ireland

    Phone booth, Ireland revised

    5. Phone booth covered in snow during twilight, London

    Phone Booth, London

    Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur