This is where the night is most beautiful

  • Beautiful Dubai

    It takes an illusionist’s humour to make the most of the darkness, such as the night. The sun, as it retires, leaves the world to fend for itself without a ray of its light. And then enters an empowered illusionist with his wisdom of magic, and with a swish of the wand, fills the place out with light, so much so that an audience is spellbindingly blinded. This is what happens, when the sun goes down, in Dubai!


    Aerial view of Dubai

    Dubai is an exceptional and unconventional beauty. Here, as the evening slowly closes in, the brilliance of the city unfolds. The giants of Dubai - the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Palm Creek, Palm Jumeirah amongst others, together casts a blinding spell onto the spectators that is difficult to dispel or dissolve. Dubai becomes a world of hundreds of shinning stars and suns that dazzle a watcher’s sight and whip up a traveller’s sensations.

    Places to see here in the Night

    Dubai Nightlife

    There are plenty of things to see in Dubai, and all the nights will be spent in either rambling or ridding cabs. For starters, any first-time-Dubai-visitor must have the Burj Khalifa penned down top on the list. If you have had any connections with Architecture, however flimsy it is, this skyscraper will pleasurably confuse you. It is an amazement in terms of the structure as well as the design.

    Between the Palm Creek and the Palm Jumeirah, you can put anyone in the second place. Regardless of your inclinations, both the experiences will please you equally. Next perhaps you should pay a visit to the Burj Al Arab followed by the Dubai Museum.

    Queen of Night


    Dubai is a world-renowned shopping haven. Not only, the available items are comparatively cheaper, but are all international products of premium quality. From clothes to food, a shopper of any kind will find her or his wants addressed readily. In fact, in Dubai, there takes place a Shopping Festival that has over the years gained such attention and appreciation that it is organised annually.

    Holidaying in Dubai can also be as much fantastic for the children. Dubai happens to be one of the proud creators of giant parks of international stature that cater to the wild and free-floating imagination of the children. In fact, The Dubai Parks and Resorts is confounding for the mature and sophisticated minds too. So if you are travelling with your children, you must pay a quick trip to the place. And if you have travelled already to Dubai, you must make another just to experience and enjoy this place to redefine Dubai all over again.


    Dubai in the night

    It goes without saying that Dubai is renowned for the kind of nightlife it offers. For party-goers, Dubai is simply irreplaceable - there are starry night clubs and party hubs. It seems like the city just refuses to sleep! When you are in Dubai, make it a point to check out the restaurants too, as they are known all over the world, to offer some of the finest dinning experiences in the world.

    So if you want to live this unique experience, you are advised to get your visa and fly off to Dubai. A week spent well in the city will leave you happy and inspired. Get ready for a holiday then!

    Author : Satarupa Hajra