10 Places to Shop till you Drop in Mumbai

10 Places to Shop till you Drop in Mumbai

August 25, 2015
Whoever said that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

The end of the month is approaching and with it comes Payday, which means the liberty to spend more! Nothing relieves the stress the way shopping does. Any shopaholic can vouch for that. So what better way to spend your money than to shop shop shop, till you drop drop drop; and what better place than Mumbai. Often known as the Mecca of Street Shopping, Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise, especially for budgeted shoppers. So where ever in the country you might be, you need to book your air ticket and flock to Mumbai. Even more so if you’re a self-proclaimed shopaholic.

1. Fashion Street

Fashion Street

A favorite with the true blue Mumbaikar, Fashion Street attracts a majority of college students who crave quality clothing on a tight budget. Famous for: Informal T-shirts and first-hand copies of Denim brands.

2. Colaba Causeway


Fancy some glittery trinkets or some Indian traditional accessories? Colaba Causeway is the place for you. This is the ultimate accessory junkie’s paradise. To silence those rumbling tummies of shoppers, there are even eateries like Leopold Cafe, Baghdadi’s, Bademiyas, Cafe Mondegar, Piccadilly that serve almost everything and anything in the food world. From basic sandwiches, sizzling kebabs, mouth-watering Mughlai biryanis, buttery naans, to juicy shawarmas, should we go on?

3. Hill Road


This street in Bandra is one to watch out for. For the footwear crazy, Hill road is the place to be. Famous for all things that spell fashion, this street is a bargainer's paradise.

4. Natraj Market

As you exit the west side of Malad Railway Station; the heaven of “name-it-they-have-it” greets you. Narrow lanes with dimly lit pigeon-holed shops, Natraj Market is one place among the few where you will find exquisite bandhani scarfs at great prices.

5. Chor Bazaar

chor bazaar

Literal translation - it means the thieves market, this is one to watch out for (and watch out for your wallets!) Chor Bazaar has the best on offer at throw-away prices. Also, antiques here are a real steal at dirt cheap prices, after some harmless haggling!

6. Crawford Market

Crawford Market

Also known as Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai, the look of this market itself talks louder than the haggling vendors you’ll find here. From the late 1800s till today, the Marketplace has evolved greatly, spreading to the closer areas with each item finding a space and name for itself. Loha Galli, Paper Galli, the names correspond to what can be found in the area. The street smart can find almost everything here. And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

7. Irla Market

Popular for fabrics with beautiful prints and motifs, this market is for those who love to bring their creativity to life. A designer's paradise, the chain of shops called Alfa at Irla Market is a crowd puller.

8. Hindmata

For those hunting for Traditional Indian Fabrics, Hindmata is the ultimate go-to place. For those wishing to buy in bulk, your search ends here. Beautiful silks, authentic cotton, beautiful brocades, smooth polyesters. You name it, you get it.

9. Lokhandwala Market

Who knew that among the residences of some of the most popular stars, one would find street shopping nirvana? Yup! You read right, Lokhandwala has its very own market, with a reputation like no other. Ranging from jewelry, apparel to knick-knacks, it has something for every type of shopper. The stretch of shops also has a great spread of street food. Gorge on some spicy Pani puri or mouth-watering Pav bhaji while you shop!

10. Gandhi Market

Based in Sion, this colorful market named after the man whose face adorns the Indian currency, shopping here is a fulfilling experience for those seeking to shop for the fabrics that portray the essence of India. Indian motifs, especially heavy on embroidery steals the spotlight.

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