10 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel to Corsica

December 4, 2015
10 Reasons Why You Should Not Travel to Corsica

‘Hum Apne Baare Mein Joh Bhi Kahenge Jhoot Kahenge ... Aur Jhoot Ke Sivah Kuch Nahi Kahenge. What Happens In Corsica, Stays In Corsica’ ~ Tamasha

What will be there in this foreign island, Corsica? It will be lonely, boring and a lazy laid-back vacation. Why waste your hard-earned money on the flight tickets? If you think like this, you better save your money for the future, experiences are not for you.

Take a peek at the reasons below why not to include Corsica in your bucket list.

1. In this foreign country, you can introduce yourself as one of the Bollywood character. You do not enjoy a mystical aura around you, do you?

Tamasha in Corsica

2. With no beauty in this place, you can’t pose for a click


3. Why would you like to snorkel and indulge yourself in the close-up views of the exotic marine life?

Snorkelling in Corsica

4. You don’t enjoy laughing nor does a scenic drive fascinate you.

Drive in Corsica

5. Hiking won’t delight you with picturesque vistas

Hiking in Corsica

6. You will not bend down for this...


7. A breathtaking sunset will not calm your soul nor awaken the photographer in you.

Sunset in Corsica

8. You may not bump into a charming face and fall in love.


9. A walk on the cobbled streets will not transport you back in time.

Cobbled street in Corsica

10. Lip-smacking desserts will fail to tempt you.

Dessert in Corsica

Well, sarcasm is for the wise. Corsica has lots to offer than you can imagine. For all you Asterix comic book fans (based in Corsica), it will not disappoint you either!