10 Reasons why you should travel to Andaman post 30

10 Reasons why you should travel to Andaman post 30

Vijaylaxmi Thakur, August 13, 2015
At 20 years of age the will reigns, at 30 the wit, at 40 the judgment ~ Benjamin Franklin.

As we mature our understanding about life changes and so do our travel preferences! White soft beaches, turquoise blue water, embracing sea breeze, ever-changing hues of the sky, scrumptious seafood, scent of the sea, colourful marine life, splashing waves, swaying palm trees, thrilling water sports, aren’t these tempting? Though Andaman is a popular tropical escape among the travellers of all age group, we share with you some of the reasons why you should travel to Andaman post 30. I'm sure once you read this post you'll want book your flight tickets and celebrate life at this scintillating island.

1. Indulge in a relaxing getaway

Indulge in a relaxing getaway

At 30, we have already experimented with most of the adrenaline pumping activities and it’s the time when we look out for some relaxed experiences. Picture yourself resting on a hammock, reading a book, totally soaked in the tranquil ambience, doesn’t it sound blissful? Do nothing, simply unwind, live in the moment and awaken your senses to the universal energy. Breathe in the fresh air and practise Yoga in this haven for surprising health benefits - balancing your mind, body and soul.

2. Refresh your history lessons

Refresh your history lessons

It’s been ages since we’ve touched our history books. Here you can visit Kālā Pānī, the Cellular Jail and pay homage to our revered freedom fighters. Experience the light and sound show at night and get enlightened by the historical events of this place.

3. Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa

Spa massage at the Andaman Island A spa treatment is quite trending these days. No holiday is complete without this rejuvenating experience which will take away all your stress and renew your spirits!

4. Witness the Island Tourism Festival and pen down your travel experiences

If you want to be a part of the Island Tourism Festival, then you must plan your trip in January and begin your new year with a blast. The island turns into a glittering haven with live performances, food stalls and floating restaurants. You can blog about these experiences and become a storyteller, or write it down in your travel journal/diary.

5. Unleash the creative photographer in you

Elephants in Andaman Islands With age, comes wisdom and creativity. Capture the majestic wildlife at the Radhanagar Beach through your lens and satiate the photographer inside you.

6. Married couples can enjoy a second honeymoon, singles can go solo or travel with friends/ family

Married couples can enjoy a second honeymoon, singles can go solo or travel with friends/ family

Andaman is that magical place where you can get your mojo back! Married couples can travel for their second honeymoon, singles can enjoy ‘me’ time or travel with friends/ family and enjoy a much deserved break.

7. You have earned enough to sponsor your lavish trip

It’s nice to treat yourself to luxury and celebrate your success. At the Havelock Island, you can enjoy a laid-back vacation at the luxurious hotels with wooden decor and create sublime memories for a lifetime.

8. Try scuba diving or snorkeling, if you haven’t already

Try scuba diving or snorkeling, if you haven’t already

Have you always wished to try scuba diving or snorkelling, but couldn’t dare to do it? Then this is the right time to satisfy this long pending desire of yours at the Neil Island, and get up close and personal with the colourful marine life.

9. Enjoy a trek to Madhuban

Indulge in a scenic trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban and catch a glimpse of the fascinating wildlife amidst lush green forests. It will remind you of your school or college treks and will act as a refresher.

10. Explore the Limestone caves in Baratang Island

It’s time you experience something new, isn’t it? So, visit the Baratang Island to witness the naturally formed limestone caves. On your way, be prepared to enjoy the view of sun-bathing crocodiles in the mangrove forests.

Sounds fun right? Our Andaman tour packages are here to turn this fun into reality.