10 Travel Tips for Monsoon

10 Travel tips for monsoon

July 20, 2015
And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down.

The monsoon season is upon us with lashing rains, thunderous clouds, and striking lightning. While this is the time of torrential rainfall, it is also the time for travel. But low and behold! The road might be fraught with perils. The journey during monsoons can be unpredictable. But fear not, we are here with tips and safety measures that’ll help you wade through this storm. So before you book your air ticket, you might want to read this.

1. Pack more synthetic clothes

If you’re traveling during the rains then you’re bound to get caught in the rain sooner or later. Clothes tend to remain damp, and damp clothes when packed begin to smell. So it’s best to pack more synthetic clothes as they tend to dry faster, leaving you hassle-free.

2. Carry medicines and repellents

Puddles become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects. With insects and mosquitoes rampant, diseases too are rampant and travel through the air and water. So it’s best to carry repellents to keep these disease carriers away and medicines too in case you fall sick.

3. Best avoid outside water

Like I mentioned before, diseases and insects tend to be rampant during monsoon so it’s best to avoid outside water. Always carry bottled drinking water with you. Just to be on the safe side, if you can boil all water before you drink it.

4. Avoid street food

While street food looks tempting and appetizing, you might want to abstain from yourself during the monsoon. Street food is often out in the open and exposed to a plethora of germs and diseases.

5. Check the weather report and news

If you’re going to be on the road while traveling, especially in hilly regions, you might want to check out the news or the weather update before you step out. Hilly regions tend to have mudslides and landslides during heavy rainfall and low-lying areas have a tendency of flooding up. So it’s best to check the news before you decide to venture out.

6. Carry a hairdryer

I assure you this is more than just a beauty tip. If you get wet in the rain make sure you dry your hair with a dryer because a wet head could lead to a cold. So it’s best to keep the head dry. This tip works for both genders and leaves you with fabulous stunning hair.

7. Carry umbrellas and raincoats

While this may seem silly and kind of an obvious point, it is a very important one. Often while packing we might forget the most important, the umbrella or a raincoat. Simplest and one of the most essential things during monsoon.

8. Cover your technology

While packing for a monsoon holiday make sure you use a waterproof bag. Make sure you keep your technology and gadgets well protected. So wrap your phones, MacBooks, ipads, and all other stuff in plastic or place them in zip lock bags.

9. Board games and books

When travelling during the rainy season it can so happen that you end up getting stuck in your hotel room due to heavy downpour. In situations like these you’ll be glad you packed a few board games and books along for entertainment.

10. Footwear

When it rains a lot, the roads tend to be slippery. So make sure you wear weather appropriate shoes. Keep all your fancy, expensive, leather shoes at home in dry safety because there’s a high possibility they might get spoilt in the rain. Floaters and sandals are your best options.

Monsoon isn't the only tricky season for travel, the summer heat can become a huge deterrent too. So here are some tips with which you can cheat the summer heat and travel with ease.

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