5 DIY Ideas That You Mustn't Miss This Diwali

5 DIY Ideas That You Mustn't Miss This Diwali

Roshal Mascarenhas, November 10, 2015
Festivals are happy places, and you don't really want to enjoy them on your own.

Diwali, the celebration of the triumph of good over evil is a joyous time for all. There’s no place like home during Diwali and if you’re away, you need to buy an air ticket and spend the festival of lights with those who truly matter. It is that time of the year when every lane, every pathway, every little window dazzles with lights, showing the world the beauty of Diwali. By sharing the light, every home, big or small dispels the darkness and welcomes the warm glow of lanterns, earthen lamps, and fairy lights. What’s more, the giving and receiving of gifts is a tradition that cannot be ignored, which also forms a very crucial part of the festival of Diwali.

Speaking of gifts, it is very easy to gift something that is store-bought and present it to your loved ones. But, question yourself, does it really bring across the sentiment that actually matters? Does the feeling of love shine through the gift that you have bought? If your conscience pricks you for doing so, this Diwali pledge to do something different. Share the love by gifting your loved ones a personalized gift with these awesome and super easy DIY ideas! Read on.

1. Post-it

This Diwali, add a personal touch to your gift, by gifting them your best travel photos as postcards. Write a heartfelt wish for them and spread the love. While you’re at it, this also is a golden opportunity for you to boast about your travel adventures, and inspire your loved ones to set off on a journey of their own. Don’t just spread the love and light, spread your love for travel as well.

2. Bottled up

Bottled up

Have a couple of shiny bottles you’ve been wanting to give to the scrap dealer, but haven’t got the time? Stop right there! Those can be the center of all talk at your Diwali party this year. Get a really bright shade of fairy lights and dump them, loosely though, into the bottle. Switch the lights on and Voila! you have your personalized show lights.

Tip: Place six to seven of these bottles in strategic places, around your living room and switch off the overhead lights to experience the magic of illumination.

3. Accessorise

Have a couple of bangles that you don’t wear? Pile them up one over the other, vertically, jazz them up, give them a good base of thermocol and glue them up. Bingo, your very own paperweight cum vase is ready.

Tip: Gift them to someone who is a workaholic, and he/she will remember you every time he/ she places the paperweight on a backlog of work-related papers!

4. Seashells from Seychelles

Sea shells from Seychelles

Having visited a beach, most of us manage to collect and hoard the gift of the sea to mankind, Seashells! These seashells can come in handy when you’re decking up your house. Take a thick string (preferably white in colour) And stick the shells at regular intervals, keep doing this till you run out of seashells. Cut them into unequal strips, and hang them by the door frame. Your seashell toran is ready. To add a funky look, paint the seashells in your favourite colours.

5. Branch a tree

This one is super duper easy, and it involves exploring your neighbourhood area. Take a short tour around your area, if possible visit a park. Pick the choicest of branches, glue them to a strong base. Now, take some colourful confetti and pierce them onto the tips of the branches. Once you’re done, place fairy lights all over the branches, adding the necessary zing to the barren branch.

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