Places to visit over the Easter weekend

5 places to visit over the Easter weekend

Manan Dhuldhoya, April 14, 2014
"The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies."

Long weekends are so few and far in between that, they deserve a special plan. This Easter, we’ve got 5 (plus 1 bonus) ideas for you to explore.

Goa (from Mumbai)

Mumbaikars fly off to Goa at the drop of a ticket price, so why go now? Well, to witness one of Goa’s great traditions, that’s why. Every church marks Easter, but the celebrations to see are in Panaji, at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. We could describe the sights and sounds that await you, but why spoil the surprise? And on Easter Sunday, join the rest of Goa in celebrating the ending of Lent as they indulge themselves with Easter eggs and other festive treats. So, what are you waiting for? Book for hotels in goa online and enjoy a luxurious stay

Pondicherry (from Chennai).

While Pondicherry may be to Chennaiites what Goa is to Mumbaikars, there are new experiences to be had in this familiar place. The weather is getting scorching, so what better place to beat the heat than in the water? Drop-in at the Kallialay Surf School and take advantage of the best months for beginners to learn how to ride the waves. If you prefer being below the waves to being above them, you could sign up for some scuba diving lessons at Temple Adventures.

Shekhawati (from Delhi)

April might be a bit hot to visit Rajasthan, but the heat also means fewer crowds. This makes it perfect for ambling about the open-air art gallery that is Shekhawati. One of the nerve centres of Indian business many decades ago, the affluence of its erstwhile residents can be seen in the splendour of the painted Havelis (mansions) they left behind. These are decaying away today, which makes the juxtaposition of the art on their walls even more surreal. While almost every town in the region has Havelis worth seeing, do visit Sone Ki Dukaan, Haveli Nadine Le Prince, and the Poddar Haveli to see some of the best-preserved and restored frescoes in the region.

Sikkim (from Kolkata)

The reasons to visit Sikkim deserve a few blog posts of their own, but at this time of the year, you should go to marvel at a seasonal wonder – the rhododendron forests coming into glorious bloom. It is said that one has not truly understood colours until one hasn’t seen the countless shades of the various blossoms of the rhododendron. And perhaps the best places to walk amidst this natural wonder are in the Rhododendron Sanctuaries of Barsey and Shingba.

Kabini (from Bangalore)

The backwaters of the Kabini reservoir provide more than just a permanent water source for the humans in the area. As summer sets in, this region draws vast herds of elephants from all over the region, creating some of the highest densities of wild Asiatic elephants in the world. And there’s no better place to witness this than from on the water, either in a coracle or on a boat. Watching herds of grazing elephants as you float past is something you’ll never forget. As a bonus, you’ll also see bison, deer, maybe tigers, and if you’re really lucky, some dholes.

Home (from wherever you are)

Long weekends are rare and so are usually planned months in advance, making most destinations around your city both overbooked and overflowing. But don’t despair, because this also makes it the perfect time to discover that one destination most of us usually don’t – our own cities. Restaurants don’t need reservations, movie and play tickets are easier to get, and traffic is also lighter, making this the perfect time to go ghoomne in your backyard.

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