5 reasons to visit Kerala now

5 reasons to visit Kerala now

January 24, 2014
Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.

Kerala is perhaps India’s true all-year destination. But here are 5 very good reasons to go there while the weather is still in a good mood, making it the best time to go ghoomne. Delve into the aesthetic splendour amidst the bounty of nature in Kerala by exploring the Kerala tour packages that we have at your disposal.


A festival is always around the corner in Kerala, but the months from January to March bring a whole host of them for you to experience. Temples echo with the chants of the devout while churches ring with the prayers of the faithful. There are also magnificent temple festivals to go photo-crazy at. If that isn’t enough, this is high season for Kathakali performances. It’s also that time of year for Kerala’s most unique and fascinating festival – Theyyam.


Kerala is a land rich with traditions, but perhaps none is more enriching to witness than Theyyam. A form of worship that is thousands of years old, this is mostly practised in the northern districts of Kerala. And it’s well worth making a special visit for. Theyyam is a form of worship in which a performer dresses up in the aspect of the God being worshipped on that day. For the devout, the spirit of the deity enters the performer and he becomes its manifestation. Whether you believe in the divine aspects of it or not, what is undisputable is that the Theyyam, with its ornate costumes and vibrant rituals, is a cultural treat for locals and Musafir alike.


The winter is a great time to spot wildlife in Kerala. The jungles teem with deer and other herbivores, keeping the tigers and leopards happy. Migratory birds from all around the world come to winter in India, and places like Thattekad become hotspots for birders from around the world. The backwaters around Kumarakom also play host to a wide range of wading and fishing birds.

Discover places first

From paragliding over Vagamon to surfing off Varakala, from the serene solitude of Kasargod’s backwaters to the reassuring natural bounty of Wayanad’s forests, there are still many secrets in this wonderful state that the crowds haven’t discovered yet. Here’s your chance to enjoy them in relative peace before they start popping up on everyone’s Facebook feeds.

The weather

Famed as much for its beaches and backwaters as for its irrepressible monsoon, Kerala is a destination that defines “tropical”. Long after the rest of India has started enjoying cooler climes, Kerala is still quite hot and humid. But the months of January and February are when the weather here is on its best behaviour. Balmy days and cool nights in Kerala make the coast a joy to laze on while the cold hills offer the best perches to watch clouds waft by. So whether you want to swim, surf, trek, or just bum around, this is the best time of year to do it in Kerala.