5 Reasons Why It’s Pouring Love in Kerala

5 Reasons Why It’s Pouring Love in Kerala

June 16, 2015
Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
5 Reasons Why It’s Pouring Love in Kerala

Such was the power nature had over Wordsworth, such was their bond. One of the greatest romantic poets that literature ever saw, was William Wordsworth and for him, nature was his muse, his inspiration. Powerful emotions that nature evoked within him found a way from his heart to his pen. Since then, generations have come and gone. Each in their own wayfinding his poetry inspiring, finding nature inspiring. But poetry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Romantic poetry can get very taxing. Living in urban cities, being surrounded by concrete buildings all around, finding the allure of nature can often become difficult. The emotions felt by them often get lost on us when we spend our days wrapped in the smoky haze of monotony and pollution. But all that changes when you set foot in Kerala.

Here are a few why it’s worth visiting Kerala during the rainy season and get yourself soaked in the downpour.

1. Kerala is evergreen in the monsoon.

Located along the Malabar coast in southwest India, this scenic state is also known as God’s own country. A title rightly earned. Luscious greenery wherever you look, with palm trees lining the road. Every place you set your eyes on, you are met by nature’s beauty, with greenery. The Kerala backwaters are a well-known tourist attraction. A place so mesmerizing and exotic that you will cherish the experience for as long as you live.

While Kerala is beautiful any time of the year, its beauty is exemplified by the monsoon. The refreshing rains that come and free us from the bondage of heat and exasperation first hit the state of Kerala. Everyone in India eagerly awaits the news of rains gracing the coast of Kerala, knowing that the monsoon isn’t far away. Kerala adorns monsoon-like it was made for it. The greenery and nature get a life of their own as the cool raindrops splash on its streets. Everyone is joyous, people and nature alike.

2. Kerala looks romantically beautiful in the monsoon.

The streams lining the roads brim up with water making for a picturesque scenario. The clouds rolling in bring with it a sense of excitement. The dark clouds, the green trees, the pouring rain and the fragrance of wet mud, make Kerala truly scintillating.

Of experiencing rains and enjoying the rainfall, the poet Langston Hughes neatly sums it up by saying, “Let the rain kiss you, let the rain beat upon your head with silver beads, let the rain sing you a lullaby.” If that’s the kind of rainfall you want to experience, then Kerala is surely your kind of holiday.

3. The beaches and hill stations of Kerala are spectacular for some monsoon joy.

Kovalam, Varkala, Kochi, Cherai are just some of the beaches in Kerala. The famous hill station of Munnar is also located in Kerala from where you can enjoy the spectacular phenomenon of monsoon.

4. Kerala’s food adds to the overall experience.

Speaking about everything that Kerala has to offer will be incomplete without the mention of food. This place is known for its South Indian delicacies. Hot rasam with tasty appams is the perfect combination as you sit by and watch the torrential rains work its magical wonders. How can one forget the alluring fish karimeen and the juicy fruit of mangosteen!

5. Great deals and discounts await you, this monsoon.

Monsoon isn’t the time when people generally choose to venture out on vacations. However, Kerala in the monsoons is one trip you have to make. Visiting Kerala in the off-season, you will realise get great deals and discounts.

It’s only when you go there, you realize what you have been missing out on. So don’t wait any more, book choose from our Kerala tour packages today.