5 Ways How Travelling to Kerala in the Monsoon Can Make You Rich

5 Ways How Travelling to Kerala in the Monsoon Can Make You Rich

Winnie Karnik, June 18, 2015
Oh Kerala! God made you with utmost care.

On a typical rainy day in Kerala, birds sing to the pitter-patter of the rain, kids drench themselves in the blissful water and the aroma of coffee lingers in the atmosphere. The whole country waits to hear the news of rains in Kerala, because they know that monsoon is not far away. It will only be fair to say that the rain gods are partial towards their ‘own country’ to grant them the first drop of relief.

If you are thinking that Kerala in the rainy season is a bad idea, then you might be wrong. Just give me a couple of minutes and I will tell you why. If you have chartered a Kerala trip in the monsoon, then you have made the perfect decision. Here’s why -

1. Rich in love - because Kerala looks the loveliest in monsoons.

Rich in love

Kerala is enveloped with lush greenery; its backwaters are adorned with tall palm trees and being God’s own country, you will feel like you are in heaven as the rain gods shower their love over Kerala. The 600 km long Arabian Sea coast, incandescent backwaters and the Western Ghats cloaked with tea and spice plantations are embraced by the spell of nimbus.

2. Rich in culture - because Kerala’s iconic events occur in the monsoon.

Rich in culture

The monsoons beckon Kerala’s most pronounced festival, Onam. Onam is a toast to the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. Also Kerala’s harvest festival, Onam brings in a lot of local activity. The 10-day long festival is commemorated with snake boat races, costume parades, temple visits and new clothes. Locals embellish their porch with flower rangolis called pookalam, bringing in a sweet whiff of fragrance. You will even get a chance to feast on a 9-course traditional meal served on a banana leaf.

3. Rich in health - because monsoons are the best time for an Ayurvedic spa.

Rich in health

It might sound ludicrous at first, but Ayurveda is most effective during the monsoon. As per our scriptures, it is believed that the moistness and dampness in the atmosphere open up the pores and make your body breathe, thus aiding the work of herbal oils and massages. Even if you aren’t getting treated for anything in particular, you can definitely find solace and unwind yourself.

4. Rich in experience - because less crowd means more opportunities to explore.

Rich in experience

An eternally beautiful abode, Kerala attracts a horde of tourists every year. Kerala is vacuum-packed with tourists during its peak season and the chances of finding a quiet, peaceful hideout are from zero to none. Thankfully, during the rainy season, Kerala is spared from the touristy crowd and takes a huge retirement from the constant buzz, giving you space, privacy, solitude and serenity.

5. Rich in choices - because it’s raining discounts in Kerala, giving you more options to choose from.

Rich in choices

While the rain gods shower a lot of generosity in Kerala, there are pouring discounts on holiday packages, flight tickets and hotels. An otherwise expensive destination, Kerala becomes unbelievably cheaper during the rainy season. Luxury hotels, houseboats and homestays are cheaper by almost 50% of their peak season price.

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