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6 Airport travel hacks

August 24, 2016
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If you’re an avid traveller, you know airports aren’t a place you can avoid. Except if you’re travelling domestically, in which case the option of trains is open to you. But even then, airports become an inevitable part of your life and it’s a fact you soon accept. So if you can’t avoid, do all you can to make your experience smooth and hassle free. That’s where we step in.

These 6 airport travel hacks, will make your airport journeys smooth and easy. Something to read, before you go book your flight tickets.

1. If you pick a mid week flight, the airport tends to be slightly less crowded

Fly mid week

This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people set off for vacations during the weekend, or in and around those days (Fridays), and would like to return soon after (Mondays or a Sunday) so as not to miss out on working days. So mid week is when less action takes place at the airports.

2. Know what you can and cannot carry in your over head luggage

If you’re going to carry an over head bag, you need to know very well what is and isn’t allowed, that is if you want to save time and not get stopped at the security checking. As a general rule, liquids and sharp objects are a strict no no.

3. Online web check-in

Online web check-in

It’s easier and saves a lot of time. This way you don’t need to reach airport 3 hours before. The online check-in portal opens up anywhere between 24-48 hours before your flight departure.

4. Arrive on time

Even if you’ve web checked-in, it goes without saying that you should arrive on time. There’s still a lot of security checking and immigration that you have to go through for international flight and it takes time. So arrive on time. It’s better than running around last minute in a panic-stricken haze.

5. Airport wifi

Airport wifi

Airport wifi’s are public and hence not secure. So browsing is alright but just be sure you don’t end up using anything that requires your personal details and passwords, since the open network leaves you susceptible to hacking.

6. Avoid jewellery if you can, yes we’re looking at those bangles

While passing through security check you’re bangles are bound to beep off, urging you to be pulled aside and re-examined. It’s just easier to avoid all the hassle and to pack your bangles in the bag, and wear them again once you reach the destination. To get through the security checks even faster, here's what you can wear.

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