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6 Photos That Will Give You A Wanderlust Itch

June 29, 2016

Nature's Beauty

Sometimes all you need is a picture to remind yourself that long long ago, you owned a thing called a bucket list. And then you gather all the excitement and the resurrected love for travel, and make a group on whatsapp, adding all the people you think will take their time out and entertain your sudden travel plans. We all know what follows after that. From, ‘I’m financially tied, can’t spare a penny’ to ‘I can’t afford to take a leave for the next three months at least’; from the people on the group decreasing rapidly to you finally giving up, the story repeats itself. We’ve all been there, done that. Being a pro at tempting, and having an impressive succumb clientele, I will drive you to a point that no matter if nobody agrees to come along, you will set out on a trip for sure. And at any point should you need assistance with your flight tickets or your tour bookings, remember, we’re right here.

Let me sit back as you drool over these.

1- Tantalus Provincial Park, Lake lovely water


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2 - West Glacier Park, Montana, United States


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3 - Lake Chelan, Washington, USA


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4 - Remote Isabel Lake, British Columbia


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5 - Widgeon Valley, East Of Vancouver


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6 - Nevado Huascaran, Peru


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Now you know what you’re missing. Better set out, the world outside is indeed beautiful.

Author : Leeba Thomas