6 Emergency nuskhe you need to know while travelling with your kid

6 Emergency nuskhe you need to know while travelling with your kid

Jaicey Jose, October 1, 2015
“People don’t take trips – trips take people.” - John Steinbeck
6 Emergency nuskhe you need to know while travelling with your kid

Travelling is surely fun

But if you’re travelling with a baby bun

You will always be on a run

As Helen Hayes said, “When travelling with someone(especially kids), take a large dose of patience, and tolerance with your morning coffee.” So we decided, we shall provide you with some tested-and-tried-over-the-ages-nuskhas. No need to hesitate to book flight tickets for your kids as well, the next time you plan a holiday. So now, all you mommies can confidently sing it aloud - Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, Mumma’s got a plan for you!

Nuskha No.1

Situation: The change in climate has affected your baby’s health, and he/she has caught a cold.

Solution: Arrange for these things if you get them in a store, and calm your baby with this natural home remedy. Warm 1/4th bowl mustard oil and while it is warming, add 4-5 cloves of chopped garlic. Once the garlic is completely burnt, cool the oil. Apply this on the nose, chest and back of the kid. Relief will be his companion thereafter.

Nuskha No.2

Situation: You are lazying in the pool, and that’s when you hear your baby howling because she has been bitten by an insect.

Solution: Don’t panic. If you haven’t used that pinch of baking soda, make a paste and apply it to the bite. You will see your baby smiling with relief.

Nuskha No.3

Situation: Baby poop and washing soiled clothes is something that you would like to keep yourself away from during your holiday, and so you would resort to using diapers. But rashes won’t leave you at peace.

Solution: These diaper rashes! We have a solution to that as well. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your baby’s bathwater to keep the diaper rash at bay.

Now I am sure you won’t forget to pack some Baking Soda before you set out on a trip.

Nuskha No.4

Situation: Jet lag is part of the deal. But don’t you worry. We have you covered.

Solution: (a) Travel when the child is in good health.

(b) See that your child has consumed lots of water.

(c) Make them wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

(d) Let them move around in the plane.

None of us can handle whiny kids when we ourselves are jet-lagged. So why not save everyone the trouble.

Nuskha No.5

Situation: You are enjoying, and your little one gets a minor burn in the process of being naughty.

Solution: Immediately place an ice pack for ten minutes, apply a pack of honey on it or mash a ripe banana, and apply it on the wound.

Nuskha No. 6

Situation: Humpty Dumpty had a small fall, which resulted in a bruise.

Solution: Slice a raw onion, and place it on the bruise ( a word of caution: do not apply this on broken skin)

So the next time you go on a trip with your kiddo, be stress-free, we have you covered. Do make sure you go on trips, they help you keep sane, and don’t hold back only because you have a kid to handle. They need it too as much as you do. We have various options that you can explore, destinations that you can pick. You can also book your air tickets with us.

Do add on in the comment section below, if you know of other such nuskhes.

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