Tourist Spots Near Military Base Camps

6 Tourist spots near military base camps

August 6, 2015
“We often take for granted, the very things that most deserve our gratitude”

There’s a long list that falls under the realm of ‘things we take for granted,’ and freedom tops that list. But there’s a reason why we can sleep peacefully at night, without a single worry for our safety and that reason is the Indian Army. The geographical location of India is such that it is bounded by six countries, keeping the hands of the army full. Sweating day and night to protect the country’s freedom, the Indian Army has set up military camps all over the country. Not just strategically located, some of these military bases are also near famous tourist spots. So the next time you visit these famous places, take a minute to remember the soldiers who are fighting to protect our borders.

1. Jodhpur - Rajasthan


This ‘Sun City’ is located in the rustic state of Rajasthan. An important tourist destination, with beautiful temples, colorful streets, and stunning palaces and forts. The stark landscape of the Thar desert just adds to the charm and beauty. The state of Rajasthan is bordered by Pakistan to its west which makes Jodhpur an important base camp. The Indian Air Force has a base in Jodhpur, so the next time you visit this city, remember brave soldiers are right around the corner protecting your dreams. Our Rajasthan tour packages let you experience the majestic Rajasthan.

2. Nathula Pass - Sikkim

Nathula Pass

Located in the northeast of India is the quaint little landlocked state of Sikkim. Be not fooled by its size, this small state holds huge amounts of beauty, one of them being the Nathula Pass. An ancient silk route connecting India to China, the pass was closed for 44 years following the Sino-Indian war. When you find yourself on a holiday in Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim and an important Buddhist Pilgrimage site, make sure to get permits to visit the Nathula pass. Its beauty is so enchanting that it is described as serenity in disguise. You can even meet the brave soldiers there. Taking a selfie with these men who protect you day and night is the least you can do.

3. Siachen Glacier - Kashmir

Siachen Glacier

Located in the Karakorum range of the Himalayas, it’s the world's largest non-polar glacier. Derived from the Balti language, Siachen means ‘place of the wild roses.’ A dream for the hardcore mountaineers, the beauty of the Siachen Glacier has a dark undertone to it, as it is also known as the highest active battlefield of the world. The armies of India and Pakistan have often met here as foes, fighting in the blistering cold, where temperatures often reach a freezing -50C. Such harsh conditions and barren land is home for some of the men of the Indian army. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but if you do manage to trek up this tricky terrain, it’ll truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But for the rest of us, there is always Kashmir. With the beautiful Dal Lake, the rustic Shikaras, Kashmir is beauty personified, gleaming especially in the winter.

4. Port Blair - Andaman and Nicobar Island

Port Blair

The beautiful capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Island is the first and only joint tri-service command with rotating three-star Commanders-in-Chief of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. Along with being an important military base camp, Port Blair is also an important tourist spot. Our Andaman tour packages let you experience the soft sandy beaches, cool waters, and give you a chance to rejuvenate yourself.

5. Wagah Border - Punjab

Wagah Border

This is one place that needs little or no introduction. A small little village, it is here that the demarcating line drawn between India and Pakistan exists. Wagah is known for the glorious Wagah border ceremony or the flag ceremony that happens at the gates two hours before sunset. Something everyone needs to see once in their lifetime. If you’re in Punjab it would be a shame to miss out on the Golden Temple, after all, it’s located only an hour’s drive away from Wagah.

6. Imphal - Manipur


Located on the far northeastern side of India in the state of Manipur. A beautiful state with a unique character and culture, Manipur is a tourist's favorite destination. Sharing borders with Myanmar means Manipur also sees a strong military presence, with a base set up in Imphal. Beautiful lakes, exquisite markets, and luscious green valleys meeting brown mountains, such as the allure of Imphal. While the military presence in Imphal has often been controversial, the fact remains that the ‘Jawans’ stationed there to protect the borders from Burmese insurgents.

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