7 Best winter destinations in India

December 28, 2016
500 year old mummy found in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Why? Snow-capped mountains

Skirted with verdant valleys and dotted with beautiful lakes, Himachal Pradesh is a playground for adventure lovers, pilgrims and nature enthusiasts. While pines and deodars are spread across its rolling plains, fields of orchards and spices are intersected by new-age cafes. With temples and houses scattered over the great Himalayan landscape, Himachal offers great experiences to the wayfarer, whether he journeys on foot to seek god’s abode or challenges to brave the mountain.


Why? Chilly weather among the misty hills and backwaters

kerala backwaters

If Kerala is God’s own country, then a trip to Kerala is surely as good as heaven. With a 600-km shining Arabian Sea lining its coastline and a massive green cover blanketing its hills, Kerala is undoubtedly nature’s bounty. From the hills to the backwaters, a holiday in Kerala jiggles between adventure and luxury. It treats your aching soul with some Ayurveda, as it treats your trekking soul with some adventure. Whatever you are looking for, hippie trail or temple runs, or anything else in between, you will find it here in Kerala.


Why? Snow sports

The place which has inspired poets to compose ballads and poems needs no introduction. Like every good book makes you want to weave your own story, Kashmir brings out the spark in you. Every walk in Kashmir makes you wish that the road would never end. Even the waters of Kashmir look forward to wooing you. A ride on the Shikara is an experience that would make you say that Kashmir is indeed the land of the Gods. Kashmir is a playground for those who seek pleasure in snow activities, especially in the winters.


Why? Country’s best watersports

Andaman Island

Andaman is a breathtaking paradise. With its enchanting surreal beauty and serene beaches, Andaman is a perfect place for a peaceful getaway. There are activities like scuba diving and snorkelling for the ones that love adventure. If you scared, you may enjoy the underwater in a glass bottom boat or a submarine ride. You can enjoy the evenings by indulging in the serenading beach views.


Why? Perfect weather


When you think of Rajasthan, you think of a row of camels strutting over the hot desert sands. But Rajasthan is beyond deserts. It has grand havelis, colourful cities, and amusing culture. Pink city, blue city, golden city, lake city, haunted forts, Rajasthan has it all. Exploring each and every fold of Rajasthan is a journey that is long, yet rewarding with beautiful experiences.


Why? Adventure sports in the rolling plains

Himalayan River

Undoubtedly the most preferred holiday destination in India, Uttarakhand is a spectacular piece of natural beauty. It attracts a range of adventure enthusiasts, especially for bungee jumping and white water rafting at Rishikesh. Discover the beauty of hills by capturing its surreal landscapes. Surrounded by pine, deodar and oak forests, it is an excellent base for trekkers. Uttarakhand is all about snow covered mountains, scenic beauty and also a popular honeymoon destination. It also attracts most of the Bollywood filmmakers for its beautiful valleys, towering deodar jungles, rivers and apple orchards.


Why? Salubrious weather and watersports

35 Things to do in Goa

Where there is will, there is Goa! You don’t need a reason or season to visit Goa. You may chill at a beach, indulge in water sports, try your luck at a casino or party all night. If you are done with all the noise and party, you may head to South Goa for a peaceful sojourn and escape the maniacal crowd. No one is stopping you from partying, dancing and drinking in Goa, but while you are still there, you can make some time for watersports and wash down the high. From boating, dolphin observing, fishing to parasailing, rafting, and even surfing, Goa has it all. Of course, there are casinos and yoga retreats as well. Just suit yourself and make up a reason to go there.

Author: Winnie Karnik