7 Must-have travel apps

August 19, 2016
7 Must have travel apps

Apps have made our lives easier, that’s a fact no one can deny. Just as they enhance our lifestyle, there are apps that are tailor made to make our travel easier. From helping with booking our flight tickets, to finding the perfect room, it can all be done at the touch of a fingertip. But there are some apps that you definitely need to have, downloaded and ready, before you set off on the voyage of yours.

So here are 7 apps, that your phone needs to have, if you’re about to set off on a vacation.

1. Duolingo


This one’s for before the trip. If you’re visiting a foreign location, there’s a good chance you might want to learn the language of the country you’re about to visit. At least the basics that’ll help you navigate your way around. Duolingo is made for that. Practice a while before you actually have to set off, and you’d definitely have mastered the His, and Byes.

2. Google translate

Google translate

If you’re lazy like me and don’t want to do any prep before hand with Duolingo, then Google translate is for you. Trust me, this will make your life easier. With the new feature, you can hold your camera up to the text and it will show you the translated sign.

3. Settle-up


This one you need to have especially if you’re travelling in a group. When you’re in a group, half of the time is spent in calculating who owes how much money, and to whom. Settle up makes these matters easier. You just feed in all the information and it does all the calculations for you. You can even mail the settlement to your friends so that everyone has access.

4. Time out

Time out

This gives you a run through of all the happening things in the city. From bars, restaurants, events to attractions, this app lists it all. Not just that, it even gives you an option to book tables at restaurants and concert tickets through the app.

5. XE Currency

XE currency

While on vacation, we spend most of our time mentally calculating and converting the currency into rupee before me make any expenditure or purchase. The XE currency does this for you, and yes it is much more faster and accurate than your mind.

Bonus Point - It works offline

6. Viber


International calls are expensive, and the solution to that comes in the form of viber. Both parties involved need to have viber downloaded as viber to viber calls and messaging is free of cost. You can talk for hours and not a single penny will be lost.

7. AccuWeather


The day’s plans can often vary according to the weather of the day. Hence AccuWeather is recommended. This gives you a low down of the temperature and the weather forecast (rain or sunshine). Check this before you step out and you’ll know just what to wear and carry.

Author : Sanjana Sule