7 Game of Thrones characters that make an ideal travel partner

7 Game of Thrones characters that make an ideal travel partner

Sanjana Sule, April 21, 2015
We are going to leave the world better than we found it. — Daenerys Targaryen
7 Game of Thrones characters that make an ideal travel partner

“Winter is coming” - three words that every Game of Thrones fan recognizes and indeed, winter has arrived for all the fans with the 5th season currently aired! While we would all love to spend some time in the land of Westeros, because lets face it, it is indeed a beautiful location, what would be more captivating is the choice of a travel partner. After all, its the kind of company you have that makes all the difference, especially when you’re travelling. So here are some of the characters we think would be amazing travel buddies. Before we continue on, we must warn you to brace yourself as spoilers are coming.

1. Cersei Lannister

If you travel with the Queen Regent herself, you’ll be rest assured to have a comfortable and luxurious journey. No one will restrict you when the Queen Regent is by your side. She’d be a fun companion, especially if you hate Tyrion Lannister. But don’t bring up the topic of Joffrey, because then you’re journey will go from good to bad in seconds. Also, did we mention if you choose her as your travel buddy, you’ll have unlimited access to wine.

2. Robb Stark

With the self proclaimed king of the north, you’re sure to have a luxurious journey. The kind, polite, Robb will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the journey. With this strong wolf by your side, you’ll definitely be well protected. A man with integrity and honour is who you want, especially if your journey is going to be long and through tricky territories. If you’re travelling with Robb, steer clear of wedding celebrations and you’ll have a long journey.

3. Tyrion Lannister

Don’t judge him based on his height, because then you’ll be grossly mistaken. Tyrion is extremely knowledgeable and will regale you with interesting historical tit-bits of places you visit. He’s someone who knows to have fun, and with Tyrion, you’re bound to stumble upon some parties with drinks and dancing. He’s an all rounder. What more can you ask for in a travel buddy?

4. Oberyn Martell

If Oberyn’s your travel buddy, then it doesn’t matter where you end up going, because it would be difficult to take your eyes off of his beautiful face. If you do manage to stop swooning over his beauty, you’ll be right back to square one the moment he opens his mouth and speaks with the silky smooth accent of his. With him you know your nights will be entertaining wink wink. How we wish he were still alive, but you know what they say Valar Morghulis!

5. Theon Greyjoy

He features on our list mainly because we feel bad for the way things turned out with him. A good journey out in the open air might do poor Theon some good. It might be difficult to coax him to come out on a trip with you and you might have to go to the lengths of kidnapping him. However, this is one guy who needs to get out and travel, probably a little more than you do.

6. Jon Snow

If you can convince this handsome hunk to take a few days off from his duty on the wall as a night watcher, then you can set off on your journey. He’s brilliant with the sword and you’ll be definitely well protected. He’s polite, quiet, soft spoken and would make the perfect travel companion. Though mind you, you might have to play the role of a guide, because Jon Snow generally tends to know nothing.

7. Arya Stark

If there’s any character in the universe of Game of Thrones who’s travelled a lot, its bound to be Arya Stark - from Winterfell to Kinds Landing, to Harrenhall and now all the way to Braavos. This girl definitely knows her way around. If you decide to make her your travel buddy, she’ll keep you on your toes and ensure you get to see a lot of places in your short journey.