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8 Signs You Need A Vacation Right Now (Beware of number 8!)

June 22, 2016
8 Signs You Need A Vacation Right Now (Beware of number 8!)

For most of us, holidays are planned only when there is a big family get together or if a close relative is getting hitched. Holidays for us Indians are primarily something we’re forced to take in the event of a catastrophe or any event of magnitude; only because we’re unashamedly workaholics. If there is anything we’re proud of in the corporate world - it's our supreme dedication to work. Well, it is true for most of us. But, if you find yourself identifying with any of the points (especially point 8!), truth is: you need a vacation more badly than you think.

1. One particular colleague gets on your nerves Every.Single.Day.

It is nobody’s secret that in any given corporate space, there is this one particular colleague who will get on your nerves. But if that particular colleague annoys you for reasons like the clicking of his mouse, or for taking breaks longer than you - I’m sorry: that’s not a good sign. At all!

2. If your laptop takes longer than necessary to load, you shut it. And Open it. And Shut it.

For those lucky enough to be given a portable laptop at work, one with the fantastic RAM (for the long weekend hours and the endless documents that you save!), if you find yourself staring at your overloaded, over worked self in the blank screen of your laptop, chances are you’ll shut the laptop, open it again - press the power button million times, trace your finger wildly across your mousepad. And if it still does not function, repeat the whole procedure again. And again. And again. You get the drill.

3. Your Facebook feed is flooded by travel pictures of your friends

It’s an epidemic of social media. No really it is. Travel pictures of your cousin’s uncle’s daughter’s best friend will find their way to your Facebook news feed, and you will find yourself drawn to those very images.

4. You listen to songs from movies on travel unconsciously.

I confess to doing this. After all, who hasn’t listened to the songs from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on loop?

5. You long to reach home after a normal work day, and once you do - you're longing to get out!

If you’re someone who works from 9-5 everyday, and your daily commute takes an approx 2-3 hours to and fro, the above statement is almost like looking into a mirror! You long to get home while you’re on the bus/train towards home, and once you’re inside the safe and cozy confines of your house, you long to go out.

6. You can’t remember why you took the job in the first place

Take all those long term goals, add them to the short term goals, now divide those with the happiness you currently derive from your job, and throw them out of the window. All the days of approaching deadlines, meeting targets, etc all seem futile and pointless. You can’t think of even five reasons why you love your current position.

7. You’re blank most of the time

At work or otherwise when creativity is called upon, you think and think - but all you can do is to draw a complete blank.

8. You know your boss' grunt too well

Every breath you take, Every move you make...I’ll be watching you. Besides being a song by the famous 80’s band - The Police; this also sums up the relationship most of us have with our bosses. And if you recognise his slightest movements and can predict his next move all too well: chances are - you need to use your skills to predict when your boss is having a good day, and get your leaves signed from him ASAP!

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas