9 Tips to the ultimate winter travel guide!

9 Tips to the ultimate winter travel guide!

Roshal Mascarenhas, September 28, 2015
"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."


One word can make you dive under your cozy sheets, grab your cup of hot chocolate and make your legs turn into a ball with your favorite novel on your lap. This one word can tickle the stomachs of all kinds of people: people who love to read, who love to slow dance, who love to cook warm food, who love to walk in the park while holding hands with a loved one, and not to forget, people who love to travel. The marvelous season of winter makes the globe a lovelier place to see, feel, and experience. There can be numerous ways to explore the instant makeover of the planet, simply by booking your flight tickets and getting zapped to the most beautiful places on earth.

And we have drawn out especially for you (after much probing, debating, researching, and gulping down heaps of hot chocolate): The Ultimate Winter Travel Guide.

1. Plan ahead: While traveling in the cooler time of the year, always remember to take all kinds of precautions. They don’t say “ precaution is better than cure” for nothing. Research well in advance and double-check the weather forecast of the place before you travel to your chosen destination.

2. Follow your airline and airport on social media...: ...Especially during winter. These pages help immensely when it’s snowing and may help in making any last-minute changes in your plans. More so, they are active on their social media, which may help you reschedule your air ticket to your onward destination if the need arises.

3. Pack according to the weather: While you check the weather forecast, make notes and pack accordingly. Avoid carrying the latest fashion trends or splurging excessively on them, as chances are, they won’t be spotted within the heaps of winter wear. Free tip: Carry a roll-on deo and ample socks.

Pack according to the weather

3. Stay hydrated: This becomes the cause of dampening everyone’s travel plans, though it is available in plenty: water. Be safer and carry your own water purifying tools, (there are portable ones available on the internet!) like SteriPen, Clearly Filtered Bottle, etc- travel bloggers swear by these easy to get tools. What’s more, you’ll save up on buying bottled water each time, and also the medical bills, should you get dehydrated.

4. Carry your own first aid kit: This will need some help from your family doctor. Double-check on the allergies you have, and carry sufficient medical aid. Cooler weather is said to carry more risk of infections, so you might want to look into carrying a set of antibiotics.

5. Talk to locals: Once you get to your destination, talk to locals and get to know the place better; as there can be no knowledge as beneficial to you, as the local’s guide to the place they know best. Chances are: you might make a new friend or soul mate. It’s a win-win situation.

6. Charge your devices: Trust us when we say this: There’s nothing worse than getting stranded on a holiday destination amidst miles and miles of snow and your phone screen flashes 'Battery low. Your device will shut down automatically. If there’s any time you need to panic, it's now! In order to save yourself from such situations, make sure all your devices are charged before you set out.

7. Stock up: In places where it snows during winters, it’s wise to stock up on even the most basic things like toilet paper. Especially when you have children traveling with you, an extra pack of diapers never hurt anyone.

8. Use common sense: When in doubt, trust your sixth sense more than anything, because that’s the most common thing to do. Also, being experimental is one thing; being foolish is another.

9. Inform: This one’s a must, irrespective of whichever season you set to travel. How many ever times you hear your mom say, “We lived without technology during our teenage. We grew up just fine”; GPS comes in handy when tracking down someone. (Also, global warming was a far-off reality in their times. It isn’t so now. Just saying!)

Now that you're fully equipped to tackle the winter head-on, here are 6 destinations that you can visit in winter.

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